Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hope u hv much 2 b

thnkfl 4! Yessssssssss!!!!!
2 bring u up 2 date: 1st) was busy with subs, editing, scanning. 2nd) my Mac crushed just got it back––that is the bd news .  The gd news, Mac didn't charge me 4 repair. Thkn, thnk U Mac @ Stonestown S.F. CA. 3rd) 4 reasons unknown 2 me, decided 2 cook Thknsgivng dinner 4 my love one, some fmly mbrs & friends!  The prpratn, celbrtn, clning, bfr & aftr etc etc took wed, th & fr. Will probly not do it again in mny mny yrs. The dinner was a complete success, in evry sns. A memory I'll cherish forever w/thnks 2 all.       At present must face AN UNPLEASANT BUSINESS of pressing iUniverse, publisher of my novel AS TIME GOES BY 2 account 4 the fact that it hasn't sent me royalties 4 sales of my book & hsn't updated the amount of $19.95  posted in Internet  1st quarter of 2oo6. AS TIME GOES BY is, according to Internet, selling all over the world. I written 2 iUniverse lst October, short & 2 the point. Have rcvd NO reply. I put a ? 2 u all, Should I place this info on line &/or start looking 4 a lawyer? 'cause from how many is iUniverse holding $19.95?   Meantime WRite WRite,& u'll let me hear from U, Yes? Camincha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

EdIting & submitting.

Hugs & kisses 2 all. Hope all is going well and/or at least u can c the end of the tunnel.

Just submitted in the past days 2 6 different sites. Poems & short fiction. Will keep u posted on results. 
Meantime U WRite & WRite & write some more. And r u also submitting? participating in Open Mics? Writers Groups?

May all this rain bring u lots of rainbows.