Sunday, February 27, 2011

SHORT FICTION in installments, 5 or 6, maybe.............

Have U ever been lonesome?
Have U ever been blue?
Well, then this is 4 U:

Sunday night Ana and Linda are glad they decided to come to the weekly get together of the single parents organization they belong to. It is well attended by several Board Members and new members, women and men, from thirtieths to fiftieths, some good looking, some shy, some friendly.

They join the conversation that has turned to the usual, how to keep their Parents and Friends, active, healthy? How to attract new members?

More dances! male member offers.

Too expensive. And who is going to do all the work? Board Member in charge of Adult Entertainment rebuts. But suddenly his tone changes, the creases on his forehead disappear. Smiling he adds, however the Wine & Whimseys are doing very well. Great turn out this week.

Linda smiles, I think it’s ‘cause is the one activity for parents only. It gives ua a break.

Everyone relaxes. Then back to reality with comments from woman member, I agree, no more dances. Ha! the last one, how many came? And she is thinking of all the expense she went through, baby sitter, gas, parking, new dress, beauty parlor, for what? Danced once only, all evening.

More children's activities! a shy woman’s voice suggests.

We aren’t successful with those either. Woman Board member in charge of Children's Parties Committee offers in a resigned voice.

Leaving aside the shop talk Ana and Linda, survey the room. The sunken living room in the first level was large, beautiful. The house located in one of the plushest neighborhoods in Burlingame is elegant. Every activity takes place at a different location, so the homes vary from elegant to modest, to rented recreation rooms in apartment buildings. Next, they survey the faces in the group. Some persons had come in while they were ............................


...............while they were..............¿what????????? What are Anita and Linda up to?

Friday, February 18, 2011

President Obama in Silicon Valley &,

I wanted 2 show the CEOs behaving badly, sniggering as the President and Zuckerberg were talking––which made me very angry––so downloaded the photo that captured the moment, from the SFGate of Thursday February 17. But the image I got isn't large enough 2 show the whole "picture."

Their behavior conveyed to me how the high and mighty can be so low and dirty. A sad commentary on our "leaders."

Will U take a look @ the original photo & give me Ur opinion. Really want 2 know what U think.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wish all the MOST FUN V DAY ever! And here is my LOVE poem to celebrate:
& also @

Take me

in your hands

like I was a tall cool

glass of water. First you

taste me. Slowly. Like you

'been trudging through the

dessert and just found an

oasis seductive, abundant.

Then drop to your knees

and drink from me like

I am your last chance.

Take me

in your hands

pushing your tongue

just for a sip. You'll swish

it 'round in your mouth

waking your taste buds

to the promised pleasures.

Take me

in your hands

hungrily, anxiously and

drink, drink, drink till we

have exhausted all positions

and our aching bodies have

erased all other memories.

Take me

in your hands…*