Sunday, April 21, 2013


Want to share, it's gd 4 the head & soul.

My cup was overflowing. I was very pleased with life. Said a prayer of thanks. Started some research needed 2 do when Google intruded. What? That magnificent poem of mine that I thought was rejected—— & it hurt, but I just went on & posted it on FB where it looked really good, although nobody seemed to notice, but I knew it was there & was feeling great about it.—— But NO, it had been published!!!!!!! YES, & by what I consider one of the BEST LITERARY sites ever created!!  Plus Claudia Ricci, the Editor, had enhanced it with one of her excellent paintings. Check it out, Can you believe it? at and enjoy. My cup runneth over.

                                                                  Can you believe it? 
The            stomach hangs
            the gut retrieves
the            heart skips a beat
            the tongue still spills
the            words of yesteryears
            the message lost
the            now not what it was
            the young man not
the            man today in here
            the bags under the eyes
the            sadness lurks behind
            the glasses that cover
the            once bright blue eyes
            the woman also not
the            girl he knew hidden by
            the thick waist
the            dry, pale skin
            the bags.under the eyes
the            lines in skin that was
            the freshness, suppleness in
the            memory only fresh
            the long years
the            body punished but
            the heart that now skips a beat
the            heart is young still
            the one that whispers
the            heart that,cries out
            the words of love that
the.            lad caught and held
            the one who smiled with
the            fresh, moist lips
            the one without grey or
the            lines that confuse
            the one she ran off with while
the        glasses hide his tears.*

Thnk U, Camincha

Friday, April 12, 2013


Sharing happy moments is good 4 our mental health. Share yours also.
Here mine:

Better late than…….. Hd a great time lst fri mar 29 @ Center for Culture and Politics 518 Valencia St SF celebrating US Premiere for the
Cuba 5. We heard SF Poet Laureate, Alejandro Murguia, and I was honored by being invited 2 read also & singer Maria Loreto sung & played the guitar, plus several others expressed their thoughts on support of the Cuba 5.  Chelis Lopez & Alicia Jrapko were the coordinators. The evening was a success because of the hard work of all the volunteers.
Great fun was had my all.