Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello & all the best

to all. It's been a lng tim. Livng is vry time consumng, maintnce, answrng demands da world maks on us: Ur paymnt is due on.......My front yrd collapse, da storm just abot finishd it up. It's been time comsumng 2 rescud it. Couldnt hv don it w/out help frm da lov of my life & da mntnce man, thnk U both. Thr is lts mor, it would tak wks 2 tell all, so'll stop here.

HEALTH TIPS THAT MIGHT WORK 4 U: Evry 1 is talkng College, College, Co......Well, it's not 4 evry 1. Do urslfs a favr resrch: tech schools, busins school, blue collar school, practcl shrt courses. Also if U gd hndy woman/man, place 2x4 ads anywhr U can. Lovng, patient caretkrs r in grat demand, considr it. Now com up w/som of Ur own.

Love U wherver U r.

Next wk: Don't hv any idea. Do U?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congrats Mr President!

on being awarded The Nobel Prize for Peace. I'm delighted for you. Enjoy it.

So now, Sir, will you consider withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan? But if you find it necessary to keep them there and/or to deploy any more, would you instruct them to go in a cultural, medical, rehabilitating mission, specially 2 assuage the horrors the widows of that country are suffering?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr President: It might help you

Sir, to make a decision regarding Afghanistan, to call it for what it is, it is an INVASION, and many believe the sooner United States withdraws from there the better for everyone as you will then be able to concentrate on all that is needed for peace and progress in the United States, Afghanistan and any other part of the world. And, Sir, remember? When you were campaigning you did say, you would bring the soldiers home.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

U hv a date!

Spoken word & music:

U r all invited to join us October 3rd saturday @ SALADA BEACH CAFE. Paloma Ave & Oceana Ave in Pacifica CA 8-10pm 4 GROUP READING & great music by special guest pianist extraordinaire Thollem Mcdonas No cover charge. The Cafe offers great food, beers, wine, coffee.

C U there.