Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WRITER tries to ANSWER MOST ASKED.... The New Yorker on Mark Zuckerberg. NEXT

WRITER tries to ANSWER MOST ¿¿¿???s
Q5)I hv a new idea, U say? A) Expert says: There r no new ideas. Only individual expressions of old ideas. Share it w/Us.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Sharing what I jst read: THE FACE OF FACEBOOK, and I find that I like his face, Mark Zuckerberg's. In its article THE NEW YORKER says: In Facebook he is friends with his parents & 3 sisters. He admits to being awkward. Him and his girlfriend eat at places like La Bamba in Mountain View. He attends retreats like Allen & Company with moguls, Wall Street tycoons and tech titans. He doesn't own a TV. He says, "I am trying to make the world a more open place. " And the world is responding. In October's Vanity Fair Zuckerberg is No. 1 in their power ranking of the New Establishment, ahead of Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch and yet remains a very private person. He doesn't plan on seeing The Social Network which opens the New York Film Festival. Facebook is full of choices, but Zuckerberg in the movie doesn't have that luxury, in the movie he faces exposure to details he didn't choose. What's more the movie writer, Aaron Sorkin, who is forty-nine has never met him, knows very little about social networking and professes extreme dislike of the blogosphere and social media. Refering to Facebook creators Sorkin said, "It's a group of, in one way or another, socially dysfunctional people who created the world's great networking site." Sorkin insisted that "the movie is not meant as an attack." He added "I don't want to be unfair to this young man whom I don't know.........

Well, do you believe him? Do you believe he doesn't want to hurt him? Read the article, is long & juicy. See the movie. I'm going to. I want to see just how............ Regardless, I believe Zuckerberg will continue revolutionizing the world and we will respond. & I wish him the very bst.

NEXT: I hv NO idea.

Friday, September 17, 2010


WRITER ANSWERS MOST QUESTIONS, is not really true, actually WRITER WILL TRY is closer 2 the truth:
Q4) What I write is very important, right? A) Actually they say: No. Experts say, the idea doesn't matter. The practice matters. The way I read this is: keep writing.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: I said it befr: Eat what's gd 4 U, 'cause U r unique & if it works 4 U then its gd, vry gd.

NOT GOOD 4 MY HEALTH: I sent a manuscript 2 an actress in hope it would interest her 2 work it into a stage production, TV or movie film. I sent it in c/o her agency, CAA in LA CA. Whenever I done this bfr it has been forwarded or returned. Of course w/o opening. Well, they did opened it, made copies, sent me a copy back with a letter that reads in part: You should be aware that many ideas are generated by our employees and our clients or other sources. To the extent that any projects are generated which contain elements similar to what you submitted, the similarities are purely coincidental.
I'm very alarmed. Should I b? Ur thoughts, please?

ALSO: & pls don't forget the plight of ANCHOR CHILDREN & consider donating 2 an organization that helps them.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Q 3)How often should I write? A) Every day. No exceptions. A few lines. Many pages. Doesn't matter. Just write.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: No acid pills. U hear advice on TV, TAKE THEM & U'LL B FINE. CAN EAT ANYTHNG U WNT. Not true. Indigstn? Heart burn? Watch what U eat. Avoid: spices, hot food, coffee, liquor, over eatng. Don't eat late @ night. Excercise. Take long, shrt walks, walkevery day. Guarantd, total relief. Enjoy.

To share what aches me, ANCHOR CHILDREN cont: "........Detained immigrants have very limited access to telephones to communicate with their families, and many are moved to remote detention facilities out of the states in which they were arrested. Some single parents and other primary caregivers were released late on the same day as the raids, but others were held overnight or for several days. Many of the arrested parents were afraid to divulge that they had children because they believed that I.C.E. would take their children into custody as well. In some cases I.C.E. did take custody of their children separating them from their parents. Remember they are only “ANCHOR CHILDREN” is I.C.E. justification........" cont. Pls consider donating 2 org of Ur choice that help these childrn.

NEXT: Look frwrd 2 seeing film Illuminated Poems depictng a young Allen Ginsberg readng Howl. Slated 4 release in New York & Los Angeles Sept 24. Written & directd by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman.