Thursday, February 12, 2009

+ gd news

Want 2 share just accepted 4 publication. Will give U site soon.

HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME: If U start 2 get unexplained callous/sores on ur feet, all or any of these might help, Double ck ur: shoes, socks, feet–clean, wash them often, get right size.  Drinking lots of water. Check ur diet. Perhaps is lack of vitamins, ask @ ur health food store. Also ck what ur eating, excess/ overeating of any one food might b the cause. 

Meantime WRite WRite & then do it again.


Monday, February 2, 2009

good news continue....

Now is the weather. Here in the CA Coastside is 57 & warm. I wish u the same. Enjoy.  I'm editing short stories of REMNANTS collection readying them 4 submission. & enjoying through sliding glass door the magnificent view of the flowering hill that is my backyard.

Health tip that works 4 me: Makes my days & nights lighter. When stacking pots & dishes in zinc, scrape first then stack them wet & keep them soaking till u hv time to wash them. It'll be sparkling clean in just minutes.

Meantime WRite WRite & then write some more