Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wine and Whimsey 5th & last installment.

Have you ever been lonesome?
Have you ever been blue?
Well, then this is for you.

..............of his head and ha,ha,haaaa.

The others laugh with her, though she hasn't even said it yet, they don't even know what they are laughing at. It comes in gurgles and in between coughing fits, His toupee came off caught in my ring, ha, ha, ha, h a a a

These ladies circle is joined by tall, gray, knock knee, sock less, T shirted Romeo in thongs.

The women look up, interrupting their laughter in midair like well disciplined musicians. Romeo feels welcomed. Because of his height, bends down to kneel next to them to better connect. But instead of the usual exchange of greetings, in the momentary silence, all that can be heard is the loud crackling of his bones.

Someone tries hard not to, but bursts out in a loud laugh that turns into a coughing fit. The hostess for the evening breaks the embarrassing moment, It’s 9: 30, she announces good nature. Out, out.

Slowly, coats are reached for. The Cleaning Committee begins their job. Coordinator of Events starts counting the money they took in at $2 PER. PERSON, plus a DISH TO SHARE. $5 WITHOUT DISH. It wil1 go to Children's Parties Committee.

A man suggests, in a loud voice, how about going dancing? Who wants to go dancing? We can all meet at Martinellis, is around the corner.

Fiftieshs, new male member with a broad smile, Not me. See you next Sunday.

The Hostess, OK Joe. Well, how did you like it?

Joe, Very nice, good food, met some new people. Beats staying home.

Hostess, good, good, that's what's all about. Now next Sunday the Wine & Whimsey is at Pat’s. Got her address? It’s in this month’s bulletin. Take a copy.

Joe, Till next Sunday. And starts down the hallway waving his monthly bulletin. Near the front door he passes Ana and Linda, takes a step back, smiling. You girl’s going dancing?

No. we-gotta-go-to work tomorrow. Morning comes too early, Ana answers with a smile. Laughing bump each other going out the door. Yeah, yeah, Ana says walking to their car, so long as there are Sundays there is hope.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

5th & last installment tomorrow,

Have U ever been lonesome?
Have U ever been blue?
Then, this is 4 U

With many, many thanks 2 all that took their precious time 2 give me their feedback. U made it all worthwhile. New short fiction’s, 1st installment will b posted April 3rd. Which one should it b? NOBODY WRITES ABOUT THIS, THE DIET, MANY MIRAFLORES? Don’t really know. Really. It’ll b a surprise, even 2 me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WHAT R U, READERS, SAYING about short fiction, WINE & WHIMSEY:

Here the latest comments re my short fiction, Wine & Whimsey! Am most grateful 2 all. Thnk U 4 taking the time.

Katia:You did surprise me in the 3rd installment, even though It look like based on real gatherings I didn't think you were actually officially turn it into a reality show....Thank You, Camincha.

Lilly: Gracias Camincha. Me encanto. Sigue enviandolo que me alegra el dia. Ha ha. Translation: Thank you Camincha. It delighted me. Continue sending it, adds a lot of fun to my day. LOL.

Judy said...The story is getting richer! I can almost feel the crumbs spraying my way, and stay back to watch the story and let the characters go by (especially the rhodent, UHH!!). You must have attended a lot of socials, as this is how people really are. The amazing thing is that there are typical groups of people that fit this framework, no matter what kind of meeting it is.We do not find movie stars or intellectuals at these meetings; and yet I go to find kind souls out in the world, someone we might want to talk with. One nice thing about meetings of Handicapables (handicapped people in wheelchairs and walkers), they are mostly really nice people. It is fair to overlook how the blind lady is dressed - after all, she can't see how her clothes hang, or if her lipstick is on straight. She is kind, has a big smile and is happy to be there. I should be so fortunate to feel like she does.Love, Judy

Wine and Whimsey. Short Fiction. 4th installment

Have U ever been lonesome?

Have U ever been blue?

Well, then this is 4 U:
4th installment

So if there is a young-good-looking-guy in the group, like the one tonight, he soon gets the idea and, Well, I have to go. He says, in a loud voice to no one in particular.

Is not 9: 30 yet, a woman says.

I get up early. Young-good-looking-guy retorts.

Do you? woman hopeful, maybe she can engage him in conversation.

Yeah! blushing. My three year old is not a late sleeper. And turns to go.

But the woman intercepts him before he reaches the door. Introduces herself and starts pouring all her accomplishments on him, I’m an excellent cook, I’m learning computers. They are the thing of the future, they say. Do you know computers?

Ana can see her as she moves closer. The woman is young, late twenties maybe, eyes wide open, lips trembling. Overwhelmed. Talking fast, hanging on.

Ana can see him, elegant sports jacket and slacks. Uhmm, she nudges Linda, to find she’s got her eye on him also.

But a three year old? Ours are already on their way to High School. Linda whispers.

Ana nods her agreement adding, he really wants to run out. But her. Poor thing. Maybe she had too much wine.

Do you like massages? Young woman in earnest. When they are done with care, gentleness? You would enjoy it.

No. NO. I don't think so. And he walks out the door.

Meantime, in the living room a little group has formed on the couch. Three women giggle. You know? one starts, I put my hand like this on the side of .............Where is hope? Only in our hearts? How then to keep it alive? Will humor and imagination do.............? What do you think?

Next Sunday 5th and last of this short fiction.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

WINE and WHIMSEY. Short Fiction. 3rd installment

Have U ever been lonesome?

Have U ever been blue?

Well, then this is 4 U:
3rd installment

........she whispers to Linda!

I noticed, Linda answers. Just watched him spilling his wine as he walked away from the table and spitting bits and pieces all over Joyce when he stopped her in the hallway to tell her about the dance he is organizing.

Bertha popping into their conversation, Did he get her double chins too?

Ana laughing walks away looking for a place to sit and enjoy her goodies. Yeah, yeah, she admits to herself we can make as much fun of this as we want to but can’t take away what makes it all worthwhile: Hope. Just watch our eyes, men's, women's. Following the new members––the younger the better. Like the new shy guy that showed up tonight. Our faces lose their tension, a smile lightens them. Briefly, for looks aren't always returned. Of course we are thinking, a daddy for the kids, a provider? That might be going too far. They seem to be an extinct breed. Oh! well a partner? Is that too much to ask? And we’ll be back next Sunday. Her thoughts are interrupted.........

Someone is filling the doorway, it’s The Weasel.

His name is Warren but his sullen face, the beady eyes, the puckered mouth resembling a muzzle make him look like a rodent. And his actions make him deserving of the nickname. The meanness with which he treats the vulnerable women that accept his invitations has become known. Worst, the insults he spits at his ex-wives, and talks about freely every chance he gets. Because when he was a merchant marine he married women in other countries, brought them to the United States and dumped them. Now calls them pigs and laughs at what he calls their foreign ways. And if he drinks one too many, goes an and on, none stop. It doesn’t bother him that, often people just walk away and leave him talking to the walls.

Ana takes inventory without meeting his eyes that are burning holes all over her shapely body. The Weasel is wearing slacks held by a belt low over his hips to keep the blubber of his gut from hitting his knees. He’s in a bright sports jacket and shiny dressy shoes. Suddenly she’s lost her appetite. You weasel! she mutters under her breath on her way to dumping her plate in the garbage can.

In the dining room she passes some fiftieths plus women coming back for seconds and thirdssss. They are wearing freshly applied makeup. Their Sunday’s best, bright dresses, fine jewelry................what r their hopes? Do they still dream? We'll find out nxt sunday..........I can hardly, well, just hv 2 wait 2 tell U........

Thursday, March 10, 2011

WINE & WHIMSEY 3rd installment Sunday in Ur INBOX.


Scarlett: missed talking with U. Your story is very descriptive and interesting.

Cindy: Hi Camincha, I love what you are doing and how you get deep inside their heads....right to their guts. Keep it going. I am intrigued!

Claudia: So interesting to follow the flow of this many installments do you envision?

Judith: This is REALITY SHOW in words! It describes these kinds of meetings so exactly! We need a new type of club - called the "I have nothing to do but I need someone to make my day". This is humorous, I love any story that makes me laugh - even at myself.I must stop being critical. Maybe they did go to every other club, and have just given up. Ha- they need to join the "I GAVE UP" club!!I am desperately lonely too, as my friends deserted me once I became disabled. I don't fit their style anymore. Even disabled people are choosy about friends, so I work at being a good friend. I have examined if I could be a better friend to others, so they'll like me.Everyone have a good day, or even a better day. And I hope you find a prince among the frogs at your next meeting.

Don wrote: Keep on writing. I love a good adult story!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

If you ever been lonesome/If you ever been blue/This is for you!

WINE and WHIMSEY. Short Fiction. 2nd installment

...........they were talking. Of immediate necessity is to connect with new faces. A new face equates hope. To some, the only reason for joining organizations like Parents and Friends.

AS THE EVENING gets under way the women hear the same lines over and over: Oh! there you are. Am so glad you came, now my whole week will be a happy one. Another guy, smacking his lips, rolling his eyes bends over a female’s neck and whispers something. When you win the lottery, woman answers as she walks away, laughing, pleased to see the heads that turned to watch the exchange. From the family room is heard, Baby, baby, when are you going to marry me? Come with me to my house in Florida, can be heard from the kitchen. Then a female's giggle while man in hot pursuit, I told you about my house in Florida, didn't I? Woman, Is it big enough for all my five children? Loud laughter from everyone within hearing distance.

Meantime Ana in the dining room is filling her dish from the salad bowls and Bar-B-Q chicken when she crosses paths with Dick. As always pleasant pays her a compliment. Tonight it's her outfit, simply beautiful, he tells her. And pours her a glass of wine.

Ana genuinely appreciative thanks him. When she finds Linda she murmurs, very nice person, but what a slob. He is now on his fourth serving of everything, all twenty or so dishes from salads to desserts on the table, stove top and kitchen counter. Oh! and he smells so bad. She is wishing the sweet slob would take a shower sometime. Perhaps, for once, on a Sunday. And those outfits. Tonight, she tells Linda, is a moss green jacket with a button, KJSS ME I'M IRISH. Baby blue shirt, plaid tie, pink pants. A chain over one hip holds several keys, more than any person could possibly use, rabbit's foot, police whistle, pocket knife.

Linda going round the table, spots Marvin, the sixtieths or so man who lately has exhibited pronounced signs of mental, physical deterioration. His speech is more and more slurred of late, his walking more hesitant. Has trouble concentrating even to recall his phone number. The effort brings drops of perspiration to his forehead. As they pass each other Ana notices he has put on a lot of weight since she saw him last month. Glancing at his plate, raises her eyebrows, pursing her 1ips, No wonder! she.................

Oh! alright what's this about! Are you gonne 'tell us..............