Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I wish U all, Health, love, money & time to enjoy it.
It is a pleasure 2 b part of Ur organization.

Mil gracias. A thousand thnks. Mille mercies.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wish U all

––while hv da time––SALUD, AMOR, DINERO y TIEMPO para GOZARLO//HEALTH, LOVE, MONEY and TIME to ENJOY IT forever & ever more.

& thnk U 4 Ur continuous support.

For Ur plesur on a rainy day: new in my website my ethnic, edgy, erotic short fiction. THE AFFAIRE, AT NIGHT, ETTIQUETE. http://web.mac.com//camincha. Ur comments r always apreciatd. Thnk U.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger. Humbug? Write. HEALTH TIPS........

I hope that Tiger has the company of many lovely ladies during his self imposed exile in his yacht so the "experts" in the media can go on wetting all over themselves with envy.

In a humbug mood? Write, write all Ur grievances real & imaginary. Let it all hang out. If U still don't feel any better mail them. Suggestion: then move out leavng NO return address. Altrnatv: forget all dat, especially da imaginary & try 2 get in da prevalnt idiotic mood of "THE HOLIDAYS".

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Durng "THE HOLIDAYS" 1) eat lightly of evrythng. No secnds, thrds.... so we nt get any fatter, uglier, unpleasnt dan we r alredy. No need 2 giv ourslfs anothr reason 2 hate Us. 2) Walk 2 & frm dinner sites. Wht if we lose weight, bcom pretty, handsome, pleasnt...............?

Friday, December 4, 2009

We known.... Writing.... HEALTH TIPS.

We known Tiger as athlete. Now we know him as human.

Wrtng rewards me when I'm sharng it. When its pickd up 4 publcntn. Read my poem DOWNSIZED,DOWNTOWN @ My_Story_Lives as of 2 dys ago. Ur comments r

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Enjoyng a novel. Recmnd: Natural Elements by Richard Mason. Learn how Ur mind as U age compensats with delicious fantasies wht reality strts 2 deny U.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mr President: It might help you....HEALTH TIPS........

2 remembr Ur campaign proms was: 2 get USA troops out of Afghanistan 1st months of Ur adminstratn. Which many think still the best solution. & just a suggestion, Sir, put the troops 2 work here, in their home country, where there r so many wars to win, homelessness, teen violence, overcrowded prisons, college fees about 2 double, not enough vocational schools, underpaid teachers, &...................

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Remembr 2 keep windows just couple inches open when in cold eves U turn the heater on. Ventilation is vry importnt 2 keep unwntd fumes out & Ur bronchial systm healthy.

Next: Will share a bk just read.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


2 all enjoy & b grateful 4 what U hv 'cause what U don't is in its way. Meantime I thnk U 4 Ur support & we'll b talkng ................

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Invitation. Writing. Health tips.....

Join me, I'll b readng. November 22 sunday ’09 Sanchez CONCERT HALL 1220 Linda Mar Blvd Pacifica CA 2-4pm GROUP READING Pacifica Poetry & Music. $10. Students & children FREE

Writng. Considr takng Ur writng 2 Open Mics. I highly recomend it. Let me know which venue U like bst.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Participtng in Open Mics hs cured my hdaches, moodiness, in fact @ times any & all my ailments. Even if U don't read Urself listning will inspire U, shake U, revolt U, &/or fill U with U sexy thoughts. Well, just a suggestn...........

Next: What do U suggest?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The crime. Richmond CA. Takng somthng 2 cure.......?

People talk & talk about it, What 2 do? Fences must b build. Lights must b installed. More cameras, guards........
However first, so all above will work, give back 2 parents & teachers the authority 2 discipline children in their homes, to discipline students in the classroom. Without discipline a human being can't concentrate, can't learn 2 b a gd, effective, responsible student, person, gd son, daughter, citizen. I repeat, give back 2 parents & teachers the authority 2 discipline children as needed.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Hv found ans isn't 2 take somethng 2 cure somethng but rathr eradcate da culprit. ask myslf when––as hapnd few dys ago––getng severe pain: bladder, legs, feet dat increasd @ night. Took invntory: what am I doing, eatng, drnkng b causng this? Ans: daily 6-8 glasses of diet drink. Ovr da top! Gave it up nxt day= pain eliminatd. & 2 my delight my face lost pufines. A bonus! @ it's hapnd like dat ovr & ovr? Try it, what r U ovr doing, eatng, drinkn? U might even lose dat pufines. B Ur handsm. B Ur pretty self again. Plus save money so U can wine & dine Ur lover then––may I sugst an excess? Wine & love Urslvs till morng, & thn som mor, &.....................

Next: Don't know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thnk U Cindy:

Cindy Weiss, teacher, musician, singer, environmentalist wrote this review of my novella, AS TIME GOES BY:

Just finished Camincha's novella and so loved it––I found myself drawn into the characters and their emotions––wondering how all are doing now it just did not feel fictional, somewhere these ones exist and are still struggling with their identities and assimilations into wonderful/rugged America and her self propelled dreams. Yes read this and be blessed.

AS TIME GOES BY available 4 U right now!

November 4, 2009 10:29 PM

Monday, November 2, 2009

The crime. Richmond California.

People talk & talk about it, What 2 do? Fences must b build. Lights must b installed. More cameras, guards........
However first, so all above will work, give back 2 parents & teachers the authority 2 discipline children in their homes, to discipline students in the classroom. Without discipline a human being can't concentrate, can't learn 2 b a gd, effective student, person, a gd son, daughter, citizen. I repeat, give back 2 parents & teachers the authority 2 discipline children as needed.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: mental & financial. Pour 3 kettles of boiling water down Ur kitchen zinc at least once a week. It'll never clogged up. Reason it does often 4 single people is we hardly use it. Or not enough. While U r at it do the same thru out place.

Next: writng. Bk suggestn.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello & all the best

to all. It's been a lng tim. Livng is vry time consumng, maintnce, answrng demands da world maks on us: Ur paymnt is due on.......My front yrd collapse, da storm just abot finishd it up. It's been time comsumng 2 rescud it. Couldnt hv don it w/out help frm da lov of my life & da mntnce man, thnk U both. Thr is lts mor, it would tak wks 2 tell all, so'll stop here.

HEALTH TIPS THAT MIGHT WORK 4 U: Evry 1 is talkng College, College, Co......Well, it's not 4 evry 1. Do urslfs a favr resrch: tech schools, busins school, blue collar school, practcl shrt courses. Also if U gd hndy woman/man, place 2x4 ads anywhr U can. Lovng, patient caretkrs r in grat demand, considr it. Now com up w/som of Ur own.

Love U wherver U r.

Next wk: Don't hv any idea. Do U?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congrats Mr President!

on being awarded The Nobel Prize for Peace. I'm delighted for you. Enjoy it.

So now, Sir, will you consider withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan? But if you find it necessary to keep them there and/or to deploy any more, would you instruct them to go in a cultural, medical, rehabilitating mission, specially 2 assuage the horrors the widows of that country are suffering?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr President: It might help you

Sir, to make a decision regarding Afghanistan, to call it for what it is, it is an INVASION, and many believe the sooner United States withdraws from there the better for everyone as you will then be able to concentrate on all that is needed for peace and progress in the United States, Afghanistan and any other part of the world. And, Sir, remember? When you were campaigning you did say, you would bring the soldiers home.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

U hv a date!

Spoken word & music:

U r all invited to join us October 3rd saturday @ SALADA BEACH CAFE. Paloma Ave & Oceana Ave in Pacifica CA 8-10pm 4 GROUP READING & great music by special guest pianist extraordinaire Thollem Mcdonas No cover charge. The Cafe offers great food, beers, wine, coffee.

C U there.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr President: Chris Mathews

has said, there is no changing Afghanistan even if we stay a hundred years. Many of us agree.

Sir, will you talk to Mr Mathews about it and find out why he feels that way? It might help you in making a decision.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open letter 2 our President.

President Obama: Consider the widows of Afghanistan.

After three decades of war, Afghanistan is one of the world's widow capitals. They are ridiculed as prostitutes when they go shopping, and many are unable to rent their own homes. These women are not allowd to work, and treated worst than rabid dogs dyeing, starving in the streets. INN

Mr President, Please read, talk 2 exprts available 2 U about the plight of the Afghanistan widows. And instruct the soldiers you send––if you must send any––2 their country 2 go in a cultural, medical, rehabilitating mission, specially 2 assuage the horrors these women are suffering.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camincha––pen name. Fiction:609 words

About five years ago during the summer Domino, Alba and Lloyd’s cat suddenly changed her ways. She would demand to be fed on the steps outside. Well, she knew that because of the skunks, opossums, coyotes, neighbor’s dog known to visit their backyard Domino had to come in the house to eat otherwise they would be tempted to help themselves.

So Domino, evening after evening and well into the night laid in the backyard chair just keeping an eye on things: loud birds flying around, absorbing the perfume of flowers, the rustling of leaves and the stretching of grass blades. And knew to tap on the glass sliding door when ready to come in to nibble on the food always ready for her inside the house.

But for no reason that Alba and Lloyd could see Domino continued to demand her food dish be brought to the steps. She let them know she wanted it outside. She didn’t want to come in. They kept an eye on her dish. Ready to bring it in the minute she finished eating. But noticed she didn’t touch her food. Instead, soon as the dish was on the steps Domino ran to it, sniffed it and just went back to seating on her chair. Or so Alba thought.

What was going on? What was this lovely, chubby, black cat that so much resembled a skunk with the wide, white stripe snaking through her from her head to the tip of her tail, what was she up to?

Then one evening the sun in a glorious combination of bright reds and orange had already set. There was no moon. It was very dark, Alba had to strain, really push herself. Was that Domino on the steps? Or was that a skunk? Alba had never, no never, seen such a big one. Where there two of them? Suddenly in amazement Alba realized, yes, it was her cat and a skunk. A fat, big one. Domino was showing her where her food dish was. They stood there. Domino and the skunk side by side. They sniffed each other. Then they kissed each other!

After that night Domino asked for food for the skunk every evening in the same way. The days passed. Another summer evening with lots of daylight, Alba was at the computer next to the glass sliding doors that open to the backyard with its hill and ample open space. Lloyd came in to talk. He was facing the backyard. All of a sudden he exclaimed: Look! Look!

Alba looked. There was Domino coming down the hill followed closely by a fluffy wobbling black fur ball with white specks. A baby skunk! There was purpose on Domino’s steps. She brought the baby skunk to her food dish on the steps. Well, the fluffy ball couldn’t make it up the steps. Inside the room, they just watch. They didn’t move. Didn’t want to intrude. What to do? Just watch. Domino overturned the dish! The food spilled down the steps and all over the ground. The fluffy ball ate voraciously.

From that evening on, Alba fed that baby skunk, its mother, the father that appeared from nowhere, and their four other babies. And she was still trying to make sense of the whole thing some weeks later so she talked it over with Lloyd. A question mark on her face when she finished.

Lloyd’s handsome face showed he was considering the situation, carefully. And slowly he answered, Domino knew the skunk was pregnant. That’s why she wanted to feed her.

Alba smiled, she liked that answer.

Then the raccoons came.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recommend reading Bicycle:The History. Benedetti.

Bicycles r being used more this days. That is gd 4 every1. Do U want 2 know how many 100s of years it took great minds 2 design a practical one. Read Bicycle: The History by David V. Herlihy

September 20 sunday ’09

Main Library

San Francisco CA

in honor of Mario Benedetti

Camincha &

3 poets/ess will read his work in Spanish

[more info coming your way soon]

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thinkng of U!

Just wnt 2 giv U somethng dat will gt U out of Ur doldrums=stagnation, inactivity, slump.
So here it is, this 1 is at Nordstroms:

plus Sophora & Macys r also offerng grat spcls + FREE shipping w/ovr $50. ordrs & in som cases w/$25. ordrs. & ths is 4 U gentle men also. Go ck out wht thr is while it lsts. So UP, UP, UP. Brush Ur teeth, comb Ur hair, put on Ur stilettos. & dats it. Don't need anythng else & take advntge of ths great offers & U will feel sexy, seductive, beautiful, energized all over again.

Nasturtiums & bright sunsets 2 U.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Avotcja & friends @ La Peña. 1 of my most fav bks.

As my friend & I walkd into La Peña lst sun night thr was a chorus of angelical voices singng acapella. & so it continued, heavenly, w/spoken word presentd in many innovative, excitng ways. Avotcja's humor when introdicng us. A jazz orchestra, bst thr ever was. Jordana singng Good Morning Heartbreak better than any1 U ever heard. & on & on was envigoratng, excitng, delightful. Thnk U 4 invtng us 2 celebrt Ur B with U, & wish U a yr of SALúD, DINERO, AMOR y TIEMPO PARA GOZARLO.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Reading. Cause, getting interestd in a page turner pushes from my head worries, concerns, doubts. This book will do dat 4 U: THE BOTANY OF DESIRE by Michael Pollan. U care abot what U eat? where it comes from? How it got thr? Read ths book.

Next: Don't know. Am tired. I'll just surprise U & me.

Friday, July 31, 2009

BOTOX. In 'bd mood

4 no reason. Is dat inspirng or what? If dat statemnt didn't lift Ur spirits.......well it's makng me smile. Of course, is not 4 no reason. It nevr is. It's really 'cause somwher deep in U somthng is missing. Somthng isn't right. U might b in vry gd shape, OK? Can pay da rnt, afford Safeway, fill up da tnk, dat guy/gal U like did call.......So what's wrong? We r human, we wnt more. I know. I know. Time 2 go bck 2 our HOW TO BOOKS. Like POSITIVE THINKING, HOW TO BEAT THE BLUES etc etc etc Well actually now dat I got U thinkng abot what's wrong in Ur life I feel better.

HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME: Botox does. Few & far between works great. I'm not going 2 list all da gd/negative possible results. Just google & decide 4 Ur self.

Next: will recommend a book. My own AS TIME GOES BY? Well, not what I hd in mind but dat's a gd 1. OK besids dat 1, I'll gv U another title I've enjoyd recently.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tired of RECORDEMOS, REMEMBER, Michael Jackson?

OK. I got it. Will write abot somthng else. Howevr, pls 4 all time we mustn't forgt wht Michael gav 2 us, gave 2 da world. Now moving on, what's new? My CALENDAR with dates of future readngs in San Francisco, Berkeley, & Pacifica in da comng months. 4 details go 2 http://web.mac.com/camincha.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Smilng. Been doing it enough yrs dat it hs erased old lins from my face. & is keepng new ones from formng. Ther4 savng me money on plstic surgry & makng Botox few & far between.

Next: Botox?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recordemos. Michael Jackson. King of Philanthropy. Remember.

No Olvidemos. Recordemos. Remember. Let's not Forget.

The King of Pop, the King of Philanthropy, Michael Jackson gave to hundreds of charities, earning the title of "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Singer" in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for supporting 39 charities. In 1985, in a move that undoubtedly inspired later large-scale celebrity concerts and benefit songs, Michael Jackson cowrote the song "We are the World" with Lionel Ritchie and recorded it with scores of other celebrities to raise money for Ethiopia. In 1984 donated $1.5 million to a burn center in California. In 1992 Michael Jackson created the Heal the World Foundation, which gave to needy children around the world, provided relief during the war in Bosnia and funded and alcohol abuse education. Its Web site lists its mission as "trying to improve the condition of all mankind." A Chronicle of Philanthropy article lists the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation as Charities Michael Jackson also supported. Michael Jackson divided his will estimated at $200 million: 40% to his children 40% to his mother %20 to charity.

No Olvidemos. Recordemos. Remember. Let's not Forget.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


by Camincha

In this country that has been
Trashed by politicians to near collapse.
To being unrecognizable to what it was.
To what it could be. It
Is not true that
We are innocent until proven guilty.
Not true.

We can be trashed. We can be vilified.
We can be condemned. We can be ruined.
Long before we are brought to trial.
Long before we are brought to trial.
Hope you have justice now.
Long. Long......... Before...............*

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This wrtr is

going 2 go shake it. & U should do da same. Come to 1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica CA, Sanchez Art Center. Los Boleros r playing salsa 7:30 - 10:30 tonight. Best Latin music U ever heard.


C U there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beyonce plus 2 latest Latin #s.

I especially recommend #3 Montaner's Echame a Mi la Culpa. Let me know what......

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Friday, June 19, 2009

WRITER wrote..... Immigrants.

AS TIME GOES BY. Historical romance. Ethnic, Edgy, Erotic. 2 Peruvians meet in San Francisco. Tale of love, sex, betrayal, forgiveness, hard times & sweet moments in between while learng da American Dream is really a long hard road full of nightmares. Even 4 them,middle class, educatd, fluent in Eng. Set in da '50s tells how strng Labor Unions were. How proud da workrs of being a, Union Man & white. Discrimination rampant. Trainees hired were taught a job, a trade. But lay offs happened 2 often. Evrybdy smoked. Coffee tabls in livngrms across da USA held a RONSON cigaret lighter. Women wore girdles & garters, white gloves, hats. One 4 da road, was da last drink most hd befor they left a party & drove away. Da USA courtd Peru 2 mine their natural resources, minrls & young people. In our story da coupl settle down & make a life 4 thmslvs & their children. Not because of, but in spite of da hardships. Most immigrants do.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Writng. Keeps me thin.
Love U whervr U r
Nxt: I recomend this book........

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WRITER about writing..... How wrtng can keep U thin.

Most of Us write 'cause we lov it. U heard of A LABOR OF LOV? 4 many of Us it is. Howevr, we keep it a secret. We do get pd. What? Yes. It's true. Ex: 3 yrs & som months ago Raven Chronicles acceptd 4 publctn my trnslatd poems of Peruvian César Vallejo. Then lst march Ed. e-m, We r ready 2 publsh. & editng & proofng startd & now is done, vol 14 #2. The pay, 2 issues of Raven Chronicles, $8.ea Total= $16. Like I said, we do get paid.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Writng abot writng, keeps me @ da comptr, away frm da kitchn, trim & thin. Now go find wht keeps U away frm da kitchn or wherevr U keep food. So U can stay trim & thin.

Will also keep U away frm food, readng AS TIME GOES BY frm camincha@comcast.net
Nxt: Immigrants. R we trim & thin, enough?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WRITER Run$ out of cash. Chiles verdes rellenos.

True. didn't hv enof cash as once again forgt 2 put some in brfcase when chngng bags––it's hapnd befr––so thru his lovly waitrs, askd great ownr-cook of one of my favort tak-out plcs, CHAVITAS, @ 24 St, I'll brng U the rest, nxt wk,OK? Of course, was his ans. Well, whn it's hapnd bef, 2 show my aprctn I dbl what I owed. Also dbld tip 2 gracious waitrs. Place is NOT fancy. But has mst convenient street parking, gd service. Delicious food. Clean. I recommend: their green chiles rellenos, beef soup w/lots of veggies, liver & onion, excellent beans, rice, fried fish & mor. Very generous portions. Prices modest, Specials of da day, around $6.25 a little mor 4 others. Carry cash. Enjoy.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: BESIDES eating chiles rellenos, accompanied of beans & rice? Can't think of any right now. Ask me tomorrow. These chiles r soooooooo..............

Love U wherevr U r
Nxt: I'm seriously considerng writng about, wrting again.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ths wrtr isnt wrtng. Instd wnt 2 Hair Salon whr my vry efcnt, Chines op–-only 1 in da plc dat spks som Eng––gav me tretmnt 4 dry hair. Ths tim knw she ws going 2 do it, 'cause soon as wlkd in I said: I lik wht U did 2 my hair lst time,Thnk U. Hd been a srprise as I ws thr only 4 colr 2 covr gray. She smld, Gd 4 dry hair. Yes. I agrd. & we smld at ea othr, plsd dat we undrstnd ea othr withot wrds. In prtng gv hr twice tip thn lst time. And we smld at ea othr again. Aftrwrds walkd acrs St into Supermarket wher if U tak a shrp right fnd Urslf in Nail Salon. & frm Vietnamese, Tina––nt hr real nam––hd an exclnt pedicur.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: SUNSHINE????? YES. 'Cause sunshine maks me thnk of beach, beach of swmsuit, swmsuit, Can I still fit in it? & I strt 2 eat less & less, buy less & less grcers, & walk, mor & mor. Certifd 2 work 4 U 2. Try it. Strt 2day.

Love U whervr U r
Nxt: Hv no idea. U?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This wrtr is hvng 2 much fun. Lose weight.

Well, was gvng a gift certfct 2 Macys so wnt 2 Serramonte Mall lookng 4 a top & didnt find any I likd, will b bck in 1 wk or 2 . Gift certfcts should b universal. 2 console mself, frmd grp of frnds, & lst night wnt 2 Salada Beach Cafe in Pacifica, 4 an eveng of music, poetry, singing. It was mch more than I hd hopd 4. The Ray Johnson Band was great, westrn/cowboy music. Loud & sassy. Made U want 2 get up & shake it. None of da poets/poetesses distngsh thmselvs, none hd gd enunciatn, could hardly hear thm. But da crwd didnt care, we wer highly enthusiatc & gve ea our most genrous aplause. Food, drinks avalble, self servc, clean bathrm. Rick, ownr, most charmng, as always & in his usual laissez-faire behavr let his staff tak ovr & manage da place. Ths enchntd eves r 2 b rptd evry 2nd sats of ea month. Thnk U Rick.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Eves of loud music, poetry, singing. Nice way 2 lose weight.
Love U whervr U r
Nxt: Sunshine

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, what's new? Did U get da job?

I feel for all lookng 4 a job. 'Cause I thnk its much mor difclt 2day dan it used 2b. As now U r askd 2 send Ur résumé in e-ms &/or a CDs. U rn't givn the oprtnty 2 show Ur beautfl self, Ur intlgnt eyes can't exprs thmslvs, Ur knwldg is not heard. Here is my sugstns: 1) Get ON THEIR FACE/S, YES, walk in thr. Let thm c Ur beautfl, intlgnt, knwldgbl selves. Dazzle da Human Resources Officer, CEO, Emperor, Empress, or whoevr. 2) Walk da strets. NO. N't at night. NO NO, do it 9a-6p, knock on dors. Leave Ur homs early in da morng, save mony, dat U don't hv anyway, carry Ur lunch. Well, am sure U can thnk of som of Ur own. Go 4 it. GOOD LUCK 2 U.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 hv a job. Dat I got by walkng da strets. & I'm n't telng U much mor, excpt in da dark, it was difclt 2 read da strets signs..........

Nxt: iiiii or mayb kkkkkk

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WRTR's HEAVEN. PERú's Indians in Amazonía.

Ths wrtr is in heavn 4 in 1 wk hd 5 pieces acptd 4 publctn. & my heavn is pavd w/my THNK U, my feelngs of being honord & mst gratful. Will shar w/U webs adreses etc in cple dys.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 wrt about wht bothrs me. I wrot abot da plight of widows in Afghanistan in an open letter to Pre Obama. Now is abot Indians of Northern Amazonía of Perú fightng 2 keep da gvrnmnt frm takng thr land. & am sorry 2 say Pre Alan García called da thm, primitive, ignorant & sent th Army fully armed, + helicoptrs 2 fight thm whn th Indians were marching in protest holding sticks & stones. Well, Pre García won't U at least listen & c how bst 2 reach midle grnd betwn wht U call progrs––diging 4 oil & othr riches in the citizen's land sold 2 foreign intrsts––& da people's concrn about bcomng homles, indigent? Sir, I pray U do. Won't U pls?

Love U wherevr U r
Nxt: mayb/prhps

Monday, June 8, 2009


Editd WELCOME, shrt erotc fctn & aded a few para. Hv 2 dbl chk it 2day.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 read a gd bk. Recomnd 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus. Author, Charles Mann. This bk is availble @ Ur local library. Patrnize, enjoy servcs of Ur local library. 1491 is informatve, entertaing, historical. Well writtn, easy 2 follow. Pag turner. Font readr friendly.

Love U wherevr U r
Nxt: Will speak up 2 add my voice in favr of Perú's indigenous people of the Amazonía protesting the sale of their lands by the government.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Aftr agonizng ovr, Why? why no ans, no e-m frm  editrs/publishrs 1 & 2 & 3 & 4. Lovly ed/pub of My_Story_Lives e-m dat is recoupng frm gall bladr opertn! My gdns! No wndr. Immediatly e-m her w/bst wishs 4 speedy recovry. Ed/pub Oceania, of peacockblue e-m acptng my shrt  fictn,  WELCOME, U cn read it online in a few dys.  Ed/pub Kemble Scott author of THE SOWER, & of somalit.com already posted ETIQUETTE, Enjoy!  Ed/pub Phobé of da Raven Chronicles & I been e-m bck & forth re my trnsltn 2 Eng of Peruvian poet César Vallejo's EL BUEN SENTIDO/THE RIGHT MEANING 2 b pub in vol 14 #2. Will keep U postd. Mill thanks 2 ea & evry1 of U lovely editrs/publishrs. I feel honord & very humble dat U incld me in Ur excelnt publicatns.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 feel soooooooooo exhausted, soooooooooo fulfilled. Same as I gt frm tendr, lovng, juicy sex.
Nxt: will tell U–as prmsd yestrdy–abot latst boks I've enjoyd.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Lst night wnt 2 anul Opn Hous of wrtrs grop in SOMA, talk trn 2 publshng our wrk. I fnd  wrtrs dont realz, it's hrd wrk. & dat isn't easy. U hv 2  wrk w/ed &/or publshrs. I'm @ dat pont now w/2 of thm. But not complang. If n't 4 thm wher wld my fictn, poms & lit trnsltns b?. Thnks 2 all of  U.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Losing weight. It wrks, 'cause if evr I'm acumult 2 mny pnds, all knds of aches & pans strt 2 pop up. Now wnt 2  sugst, Dn't spnd mony 2 lose weight, Jst buy les. Eat les. Walk mor.  It will= $$$ in Ur pckt.
Howevr as U c thr r exclnt websites pstd here. Chk thm & c wht thy ofer. & do awy w/aches & pans.

Love U wherever U r
Nxt: will shr w/U latst bks I enjyd readng.

Friday, June 5, 2009

HAPY WRTR. Losing weight.

Ths wrtr vry hapy whn hr wrk is out in spc, being shrd, red 4 Ur enlitmnt, enjoymnt. Go 2 somalit.com c ETIQUETTE my latst pstd fictin. & in abot 3 dys c on peacockblue 4 my erotic shrt fictin. Enjoy.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Keepng my weight down, at a # gd 4 me, healthy 4 me.  In so doing hv fond out, healthy isn't necesarily losing pnds. Somtims hs 2 do w/losing inches. Resrch this. U'll b plesanty surprsd.

Love U wherever U r
Nxt: ooooooo or mayb hhhhhh

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Waitng. Waitng 4 edtrs & publshr's answrs.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Not eatng raw fruits & veggies. I eat thm cookd. Only cookd. 'Cause severl yrs ago hd enormos stomak prblms. At sam time so did 2 frnds of mine, 1 was gvn chemo, th othr 1, hd  stmak opratn. Didn't cure thm. They didnt do well. I took it as a warng. Did  lts of resrch. Being blood type O, meat ws 4 me. Gd, I lik meat. Eat it evry dy. Fruits & veggies dat I lik, cookd. Also mst b selctv wht else I eat, but dat ws da begning, of getng healthy. Thr is much mor. Go  resrch it. 4 strtrs read  Dc Peter J D'Adamo, Eat Right 4 Your Type. & Good Health 2 U. 

Love U whervr U r
Nxt: Losing weight.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ths hapy, mst thnkfl wrtr hs made sevrl calls 2 shr & thnk frnds 4 positv outcom w/iUniverse. & lst night subd 4 short-short poms 2  online lit site.  Accptd? Rejctd?  Will keep U postd.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 lavishly slather myslf w/CLINIQUE's rich, delicios beaut crems boght @ NORSTROM.  & YES. U look gd 2. All da mor 'cause at same tim readng my novl, AS TIME GOES BY. Enjoy.

Love U wherevr U r
Nxt: Fresh produc.

Monday, June 1, 2009

WRTR'S PRBLMS w/iUniverse end 2day. CLINIQUE.

Way bck I shrd my problm: Publshr, iUniverse, gvng me run-round & not payng me ROYALTIES!!!!! 4 sales of my novl, AS TIME GOES BY. Now 1 yr 3 m & many, many e-m, phon calls, & supprt frm carng frnds, I hv rcvd check frm iUniverse, 4 amnt owed & been set-up in Direct Deposit acct. Lesson 2 lrn. 2 share w/all: Frm vry begning dealng w/publshr ask 2 hv a Direct Deposit accnt set-up so U'll enjoy selling da fruit/s of Ur labr. Meantime I say: THNK U, iUniverse. Thnk U, my frnds 4 Ur supprt.
U say r U crzy, thnk U, aftr 1 yr & 3m of grif? Well, U gt a pont. Howvr, I choos 2 b THNKFL.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: To b THNFL. Maks me feel wrm insid, hopfl, lovng, pretty. & so does, CLINIQUE. Go celbrte 4 me. Buy urself a whol set of CLINIQUE's grt beaty crems slather thm all ovr Ur gorgeos self & thnk of me. Oh! Yes, & 4 only $9 enjoy:


Sunday, May 31, 2009

WRTNG, dncng. REDNESS, where?

Dncd lst nite in Pacifiac @ Nicks 2 snds of fab Stephanie & prtnr, CRUISE TONES bnd. Why fab? 'Cause they play frm da heart. 'Cause giv da bst thy hv with ea note. Meantme, 2day still dn't  no wht 2 name erotic story. Waitng 4 charctrs 2 talk 2 me, tell me wht they thinkng. W'lll keep U pstd.

HEALTH TIPS THAT  WORK 4 FOR ME: 2 fnd prdcts that'll enhnce our beatfl complxion. 4 sale + Free Gift @ NORDSTROM. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

WRTR edtng erotic story. CLINIQUE! brgain.

Redy 2 edt erotic shrt fctn. Hv prblm, wht title?  VIRTUAL. COME COME? LET'S DO IT AGAIN.........? Clinique Bonus
HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Does a lt 4 me, $25 for a $65 worth of bst csmtics in da wrld @ NORSTRAM. So buy 3.  1 for Ur lovr,  he cn gv it 2 th othr wmn in hs lif, whoevr she is, Grlfrnd?  Grndmothr?   Mothr?  Daughtr?  Boss?  1 for da betifl womn U r.  &  1 for, well, Ur husbnd?

& buy 4 Ur enjoymnt my chapbks & my novl AS TIME GOES BY 4 only $9ea  txs & pstg incld.
Lve U wherevr U r
Nxt: wwww or mayb mmmmm

Friday, May 29, 2009


My gd news: Both poms subed hv been aceptd. Hwevr in ths imprfct wrld, 1 ed is sugstng chngs. E-mld ans: Fine. Look frward 2 hearng wht U hv in mind. Wll keep U postd.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK  4 ME: What works 4 grndmothrs. 'Cause thy r savvy, exprienced. Hv wisdm. Knw-how. Jst look at thm going in2  NORDSTROM. Self assurd, elegant, fashinabl, sxy, rich. Yes. &  thy buy CLINIQUE . Cn U guess hw I knw?

& U cn hv EDGY, ETHNIC, EROTIC reading, chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY $9 ea incldng pstg & txs frm camicha@comcast.net
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Love U wherevr U r
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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hvn't sub anythng 4 abot a mnth. & relly itchng 2 do it vry soon. Hv a pom redy 2 go. Wll let U knw........

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Love in a jar. YES, CLINIQUE. Love? U say. YES, 'cause whn U love Urself & prov it by takng care of Urself, U feel lovly, & U feel lik givng LOVE. My beautfl men & womn. Tak notice:
1)Bag filled with 7 favs cosmetics worth $65  for only $25.
2)Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder  +  FREE   mini Lash Power Mascara.
3)Anti-aging cream that really works 4 only pennies a day.

Mn, womn run, dn't  wlk, 2 NORDSTROM. Gt mr thn 1 of   ea,  2 shr,  2 gv  2 lovr.  Hmmm, sweet!   2  wif & lovr, Oh! naughty U.  2 gv 2 hsbnd & lovr. Really? Tell me mor.  2 gv 2 mothr, sis.   Grndmothr, wht? Yes. Hvnt U heard? todys 80s r ystrdays 40s. Yes, grndmas wnt 2 look sxy, also. 

U cn ordr my chapbks &/or novl AS TIME GOES BY   $9 ea I pay  txs & pstge  jst c  camincha @comcast.net
Love U whervr U
Nxt: iiiiii or maybe --------

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hv svrl stors & poms alredy wrtn redy 2 sub. Plus waitng on cople acptd  submsns 2 b publshd. Howevr  nw charctrs r talkng 2 me. Tellng me a nw stry. Thy wnt me 2 wrt. Thy talk & talk & talk..........

Enjoy my bks, chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avble frm camincha@comcast.net
Love U wherver U r
Nxt: 0000000 or maybe --------
HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Using ClINIQUE. U 2, my hndsm mn, & beautfl womn  will enjoy  da bnfts whn U use:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ths morng ed got my bio of César  Vallejo whch I snd in mrch & hd been msplcd in e-m lnd. Ths lovly, ddicatd wmn will excerpt it 2 fit spce & I'll lt U knw publctn date of ex mag, the Raven Chronicles vol 14 #2.

Clinique BonusHEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 use Clinique, of cours. As in, alergs? Clinique wll cure thm. Raf spts? Clinique wll softn thm. Jst look @ da sxys, lovlie's usng it. I been watchng, U glow. U exude charm, Ur secur in urselfs, thrfor mor polite,  smil mor, walk strait, nt afrad of eye contct. Ur beautful. Yes.  Sxy. Yes. & smrt, U pd only $25  nt $65  fr a lovly, elgnt, re-usble zip-up-bag of da mst coveted full size, fashnabl, delicios un-scentd cosmtics in the world. U cn b prod of urselfs.
& U my handsm, elgnt, sxy men takng advntg of ths offer! I applad U. Yes,  4 gfts 2 dazle da wmn in Ur lif. Also urslfs, usng Clinique moistrzng, da crem stck. & shrng it all w/Ur wmn. Hw smrt! Yes. I'm payng att. 
Besds, notcd my sxy, beautfl men & womn, Ur also usng Clinique Redness Solutions. No wndr.
U look, sxyr, lovlr thn evr.

& so r my chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net
Love U wherever U r
Nxt: Is thr anythng else? Mor abot Clinique, of cors.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Rmbr wrot abot my trnsltn of César Vallejo's poem, THE RIGHT MEANING, ws comng out in vol 14 #2, the Raven Chronicle? Well, fond out ystrday ed still wrkng on details: bio i sent  ws msplacd. But i'm cooprtng, will e-m copy SAP  & voila! Let's hope.
This miracle cure 4 only $32.50. Plus FREE mini Lash Power Mascara. Imagn going 2 date w/lover. &/or Ur job intrvw, werng Ur Powr Mascra! U'll b irestble.  Hird on the spot. Yes! 
Plus Ur prfct complexion. U'll feel smrt, comptnt. Well, BEAUTIFUL. Yes!

Enjoyble my chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY frm camincha@comcast.net
Love U whervr U r
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Ths wrtr jst wnt U 2 shar ths:

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: CLINIQUE's Miracle Products. Make me feel, sxy, comptnt, lean, beautifl. U'll 2 whn U use thm.   ENJOY!

My chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm camincha@comcast.net
Love U whrevr U r
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

WRITE? Why? whn U cn hv a PIC/GIFT...

wrth $65 fr only $25  I say, let da pic spek 4 itslf:

 close window
Clinique Bonus

Clinique Bonus. Go gt it womn!

Also gt my chapbks & nvl AS TIME GOES BY  frm  camincha@comcast.net

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Love U wherever U r

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Bet U r  sayng, Ths wrtr doesnt wrt. What's w/dat? But I'm. Am wrtng right nw. Wrtng 2 U:

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: SXY GIFTS.  & wht mr sxy thn a BEAUTY GIFT frm elegant, SXY, wlcomng, frndly, nurturng: NORDSTROM's.  Jst da thought enof 2 lift  womn's spirt  frm whrevr drk cornr they r in.  So I say, pay attentn: 4 only $25  U gt  $65  wrth of aclmed TRINA TURK cosmtcs in delcios scents, brght colrs, sizs lrge enf 2 lst U thru Ur latets crisis & mak U feel lik Ur tru self again. Ur real self, SXY, LEAN, ATRACTV, WITTY. Go buy 2 or  3. One  2 gv as a gift. Beng generos does a lt 4 self steem. Oh! &, it all cms in colrfl, elgnt zip-it-up bag dat will srv Ur SXY, LEAN, ATRACTV, WITTY self  2 carry  prsnls 2 da beach ths summer. All ths plus, FREE SHIPPING.

Also SXY, my chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net
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Friday, May 22, 2009

WRITER. Open Mics.

I'm going 2 my 1 on 1 @ MAC stor in Stonestown SF. 2night wnt 2 lrn how bst mang B, Facebook etc   Yes. I need all da teachngs I cn gt. Thn 1) intnd finaly gt 2 prparng ans 4 iUnivers, & mak my pnt dat iU owes me royalties. Time consumng. Resnt hvng 2 spnd my tim lik ths. But mst b don. 2) Prms 2 gt 2 edtng story I intnd submtng SAP.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK[ed] 4 ME: Open Mics. Y es. Pst tns. Till I got gd @ feelng da pulse of publshrs, editrs.  It took many yrs.  It ws worthy it.  & 2day I  highly recmnd thm. If U r thnkng of submtng wrk 4 publcatn. Do. Go.  Read Ur wrk 1st. Try da court of public opinion. Gd luck.

Enjoyble, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm camincha@comcast. net
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Love U wherever Ur
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ths wrtr not fmliar w/Blogs, hw thy wrk. I find it mystrs 2 gt ofrs 2 join othr Bs, Twitters. It hpnd 2dy. Hd da gd sens 2 ck it out. Not wht wold b gd 4 my wrtng & or helth, I dcide. Intrstng!!!!! Mntim, nxt wll edit a shrt fctn  I wnt 2 submt SAP.

HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME:  My Wrtr's Group. Tonght we meet @ my house. 1 wrtr, David, hd hs novel, TOM  CREAN: SAILOR ON ICE, pckd up by NPR & w'll b listng 2  1st chptr. Anothr, Sandra is sharng phots of som far away place. Leo wll shr latst instlmnt of hs colum THE SCALLION COOK, dat appers monthly in The Pacifica Tribune. & thr'll also b shrt fctn & etc etc.

Enjoyble, my chapbks & novel  AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In my readng I really conectd w/ audince. Thy wer atntv, ask exclnt ?s. & aftrwrds  th college gav me  a bag of prsnts, a pen, a notbk, a colrfl cup. Thnk U vry much.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Vaseline. Yes, U cn use it 4 dat also.   Hwevr, talkng w/frnd 2dy fnd myslf teling hr, It also works aplying it 2 wonds, brns, scratchs, sors, blck & blue mrks. Erases scars, heals, gvs cmfrt.  An entire 13 oz cntainr–not scentd–is + or -  $3 !  Gt 2, keep 1 @hom, 1 @ wrk.

Enjoyble, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, da readng hapnd. But is 2 soon 2 tok abot it. Hv 2 dgst it 1st.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: A nvl dat tels me abot urbn livng––I lv cities––its peple, thr joys & sorws & on top of all dat it mks me laugh. & dat is PUDOR[prudeness] by da peruvian Santiago Roncaglolio. I recomnd it 4 older teens & adults, sx, tears, pain, lv.  Howevr my frnd redng ovr my sholdr, as usual, tells me, Dn't thnk is in englsh trans yet. Well, I say pls google it & lt me know. Rgrdles is grt, da fmly he wrts abot––3 gnrtns in 1 house r adrbly crtfd crazy, U'll lv thm, & da cat!!! Da cat is crazy 2. 

Enjoyable, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avble frm camincha@comcast.net
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Monday, May 18, 2009


Mine is tomorw @ Los Altos College, Los Altos CA  @ 12noon  Student lounge. Nxt 2 bkstr. Snd me lts & lts gd energ.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Befr bg dy, spnd relx eve & get gd nigh slp. I hghly recmnded it.  Gd nigh, gd nigh.......

Enjoyble, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net

Love U wherever U r
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

WRITING. Lip liner.

Yes. Do it. If w/ths ht wethr U cn fnd pn, ppr, comptr  dat hs nt meltd.  Ths wrtr is gong 2 sew a sit  cvr 4 hr car. Why? 'Can't buy 1, 'cause dn't mak anymr.  &  I wll sew prvdng mchn hs nt meltd. Wll lt U knw.

HEALTH TIP THAT HAS WORKED 4 ME: 2 avod greas lns durng & aftr a gd greasy meal––da knd I lik––bfr  aplyng lpstck use a mch lightr colr lip lnr. Thn Ur rglr lpstck.

Ur invtd 2 Los Altos College May 19 tues  @12p.  Pls honor me w/Ur prsnc.
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Love U wherever U r
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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Delight w/me. Pom bn pstd. U cn rd, FEELINGS, in MY_STORY_LIVES right now. & bsids  admr da pntng da adrns it. It's da mstr piece of Claudia Ricci, da publshr/& edtr, as r da last 3 wrds in lst ln. Whn she sugstd, GROAN, md me laugh. I sd, Yes. Let's go w/it. Gv hr ur comnts. Lt hr knw hw U like it.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Contacts. Soft. But U cn chose frm mny dif knds. C wht suits U. My opinon: hv svd my eys frm dteriortng too fst. Frm unnecsry face lns. Frm losng 3 hndrd mll prs of glses. Tlk 2 Ur Dc. Mayb thy r 4 U.

Dn't frgt: May 19 tues @ Los Altos College  12p. C U thr.
Enjoyable, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avble frm camincha@comcast.net
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Friday, May 15, 2009

WRITER. Keep ur fngrs.

WRTR. WRTNG. WRT. Yes! How swet it is. Submtd poem hd  bn wrkng on ovr th yrs, FEELINGS, 2 My_Story_Lives 'rond 2 m ago. Aftr e-m bck & forth, ed e-m makng sugstn 4 lst ln. It fits. I go 4 it. Ed e-m: will post shortly. All togthr adds 2 mny hrs wrk on & off. All togthr: Feel it's worthy it. Th's why I wrt, 2 publsh, & 4 U 2 read. Ck it out, U cn SHORTLY, I'll kp U posted. Pay att 2 lst ln.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Use blunt end stck 2 c. Blunt end pencil. Altrnt hnds.  Strch thm oftn.  Why? 'Cause c c c hrts fngrs, wrists, shldrs, bck. We r clkng 2 survive. It's gone 2 far, evn havng fngrs oprtd.  I say NO. Dn't lt hapn 2 U. Rmbr blunt.  Altrnt hnds.  Strch.

Enjoyble, my chapbks &  novel AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  caminch@comcast.net
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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Life took ovr 4 me sinc wed. Wokd lng hrs. Jst hd 2 go grocry shpng. Imgn, out of Sweet & Low, Diet 7UP. Hd 2 hv my car whsd cause in expnsv San Francisco garg, got sm sticky pwdr all ovr it. Mad/snt 3 hndrd mill phon calls/& e-m 2 promt rdng @ Los Altos  tues 19. Msplcd my VISA. Mad 3 hndrd mill phon calls tryng 2 fnd it. & it didnt get btr frm thr.............

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Works, readng a gd bk. Like it pushs mlanchly, mrdrous thoghts, frstrtns, out of my hd. Highly recmnd, 4 all ages, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, and mov of sm nam by Judy Irving.  & The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, water hs feelngs? Chngs shap? Happy crystls? Hs implcatns 4 persnl hapins & world peac? 

Enjoyble, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camicha@comcast.net
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