Friday, December 26, 2008

Krsms pst &

accelerating towards '09.  I did hear from iUniverse. Not gd. Hv more ??s to ask & depending on what they say, will c where to go from there. Did hear from re. short fiction submitted. Publisher suggests changes. Will work on it.  Activities related 2 END OF YEAR....  taking more  time than want 2 give them, but hv 2 admit is has been full of exciting, unforgettable experiences like midnight Mass @ St Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco CA. Truly memorable, the Cathedral itself, the Mass full of pomp & ceremony, with magnificent live music from orchestra, chorus, gigantic organ & more, much more.    Will keep u posted of what else before the 1st.   Health tips that hv help me this season: keep pot of water simmering on stove, steam helps to avoid dry throat & nose from heating that keeps house so dry.  Look forward 2 getting bck 2 all activities related 2 being a writer. And u keep WRITING & WRITING SOME MORE.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello & all the best

2 U.     Down time 4 writing & all related activities so I did some sewing, I'm cleaning my cell, my Bookmarks, files. & 2 keep U up to date: NO. No ans 2 my request 4 suggestions, advice on how 2 get my publisher, iUniverse, 2 respond 2 my request regarding their withholding my royalties since '06.  Feel free 2 give me any/all thoughts U might hv on the subject. I intend 2 continue searching 4 answer.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's on my mind these days!

At this moment must face  the business of pressing iUniverse, publisher of my novel AS TIME GOES BY, 2 account 4 the fact that it has never paid me royalties 4 sales of my book. & hsn't updated the amount of $19.95  posted in Internet 1st quarter of 2006. AS TIME GOES BY is, according to Internet, selling all over the world. I wrote 2 iUniverse lst October, short & 2 the point. Have rcvd NO reply. Also iUniverse has deleted their Quarterly Royalty Statements and Monthly Sales History pages from Internet. I put a ? 2 u all, Should I place this info on line &/or start looking 4 a lawyer? 'cause, how many $19.95s is iUniverse withholding?  From how many writers?
Please, I need ur best answers. U will let me hear from U, pls?  Thank U.
Bringing U up to date: Have submitted severalpieces. Will keep U posted.

Meantime WRite WRite,& edit & submit and keep working at it. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hope u hv much 2 b

thnkfl 4! Yessssssssss!!!!!
2 bring u up 2 date: 1st) was busy with subs, editing, scanning. 2nd) my Mac crushed just got it back––that is the bd news .  The gd news, Mac didn't charge me 4 repair. Thkn, thnk U Mac @ Stonestown S.F. CA. 3rd) 4 reasons unknown 2 me, decided 2 cook Thknsgivng dinner 4 my love one, some fmly mbrs & friends!  The prpratn, celbrtn, clning, bfr & aftr etc etc took wed, th & fr. Will probly not do it again in mny mny yrs. The dinner was a complete success, in evry sns. A memory I'll cherish forever w/thnks 2 all.       At present must face AN UNPLEASANT BUSINESS of pressing iUniverse, publisher of my novel AS TIME GOES BY 2 account 4 the fact that it hasn't sent me royalties 4 sales of my book & hsn't updated the amount of $19.95  posted in Internet  1st quarter of 2oo6. AS TIME GOES BY is, according to Internet, selling all over the world. I written 2 iUniverse lst October, short & 2 the point. Have rcvd NO reply. I put a ? 2 u all, Should I place this info on line &/or start looking 4 a lawyer? 'cause from how many is iUniverse holding $19.95?   Meantime WRite WRite,& u'll let me hear from U, Yes? Camincha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

EdIting & submitting.

Hugs & kisses 2 all. Hope all is going well and/or at least u can c the end of the tunnel.

Just submitted in the past days 2 6 different sites. Poems & short fiction. Will keep u posted on results. 
Meantime U WRite & WRite & write some more. And r u also submitting? participating in Open Mics? Writers Groups?

May all this rain bring u lots of rainbows.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Want 2 say I wish u a lovely eve & gd writing. 
Just sent several trnslated 2 Eng  poems 2 an editor 2 whom I 1st submitted them Feb 28,2006.
Extreme u say? I don't believe, u say? It's true. And isn't the 1st time. Several of my fiction, poems, trnsltns  hv taken between several months & up 2  3 yrs to finally b on print &/or on line. Why do I pursued it? 'Cause that is the nature of publishing. It is very, very fickle, unreliable. So if an editor, publisher says: Your work has been accepted. I do follow up. I do query from time 2 time on status of my submission. I do work with them if they want changes. Always keeping in mind how lucky I'm 2 hv my work accepted in this competitive field.  Will keep u posted on what comes of this, as I know from experience u r not published until u  c  it on the pg,  b it on hard copy or online. Meantime WRite & then WRite some more

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Litquake Crawl last night,

foremost the event @ The Dark Room where I participated with other great authors was most fun, truly a complete success. Scott & Jon, who through the year have worked so hard to make it happen, Litquake events in general & especially Litquake Crawl have my thanks &  admiration 4 putting it all together.  Afterwards my friends & I went walking 'round The Mission area mostly along Valencia St & it was most animated being as there were readings going on everywhere, book stores, restaurants, bars, in one alley, that had been decorated in a bright, festive fashion very inviting. & there were also street vendors adding 2 the celebration of The Word. One most enterprising guy on a sidewalk advertised himself as the person that 4 a donation would write a poem 4 u. To my delight he was writing not on a laptop. No. He had sitting on his lap a tiny typewriter on which he was already typing a poem 4 a customer. And that is San Francisco! The Bella by The Bay!!!!!!! Till nxt yr Litquake, thnk U 4 the memories.
& 2 u all I say WRite WRite & write some more.

Friday, October 3, 2008

this beautiful, mad world

of writing, or NOT writing. At the moment that is what I'm doing: No writing. It happens sometimes, I get busy with other things, like learning about photos & the computer. Not easy 4 me, but doable. And I'm making progress. Also went 2 dinner several xs with visiting family. It was great. Also, worked in my front yard. It looks a little better. Hv also done scannig frm my old PC 2 my new Mac. Plus am keeping my writr's get together, together. And intend 2 edit some work possibly tonight. And it's good to be sharing it all with u & letting u know its OK not 2 write sometimes also. But u write  write & then write some more


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hv been having fun someplace else.

Went swimming, taking advantage of lst of summer. Dancing. Out 2 dinner. Out on the town, San Francisco looks better than ever. Went 2 hear my favorite local band, LOS BOLEROS, they started in Open Mics @ a cafe in Pacifica.  Not writing, editing or submitting.  

Meantime u keep writing. WRite write write & write

Monday, September 22, 2008

Come join me.

Litquake 2008  October 3-11 San Francisco CA 

You r invited 2 join me & several other great authors  
October Saturday 11.
The Dark Room  2263 Mission St
Phase 1: 6-7
SoMa Literary Review–Stories and Poems from the Pages of the San Francisco Ezine

For the complete calendar of October 3-11:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rejetions. How 2 cope?

Well, having just rcvd 1 this morning I can say best way is 2 take your work, clean it up–edit it–send it out again. That's what I always done & its work very well 4 me. Do I like rejections? No. The important point is 2 keeping trying. It is work. Yes. But it is hard work that's worked very well for me. Not just in publishing my work but in every area of my life, like earning my Masters degree. And up 2 date I hv had published in English & Spanish, 129 poems, 49 short stories and several literary translations in dozens of  Lit & E-Zines publications for which I'm most honored, thankful & humble. Bottom line rejections r our stepping stones 2 publishing better & better work. Meantime WRite  WRite & then write some more.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm, again, most thankful, honored, humble as has published another of my short fiction: THE AFFAIRE. Also want to share that the calendar 4 Litquake Crawl in San Francisco CA is published on Internet. Ck it out. There is something 4 every taste. I'll b on Oct 11 in the eve.
C u there. Meantime write. WRite & then write some more. Also let me hear from u. What r u writing?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

editing & reediting

& then then the Olympics intrude with  heart felt stories &  the everyday steps I must take 2 get thru the day & it's evening now & best to do is be thankful the day went well & look 2 tomorrow. Now to finish, back 2 editing & reediting: I subd a fiction, short story. The publisher kindly emailed saying, It has possibilities!!! But I need 2 polish it. 
So I looked it over and, Yes, I add a few touches  but feel is very much finished so I'm going 2 resubd it in a few days as is & leave it at that. And explain, why, I'm not taking a couple of its suggestions. My reason: redundancy.

Meantime U write, write & write.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

summer, verano

Son tan elusivos en Pacifica california. Here, one day is summer––maybe––the nxt, winter. & today, is changing hr 2 hr. Howevr doing bst 2 enjoy it I hv been swimming @ my favorite spot Lake Temescal in Oakland & dancing everywhere Los Boleros, my favorite local band plays. But did edit/polish a poem which I'll b submitting 2day. Ck my website 2 listen 2 my postings.

& wish u gd writing. WRite    WRite   WRite.

Friday, August 8, 2008

RADAR reading series @ SF CA Main Library

Well. It did happened & thanks 2 Michelle Tea, Moderator, & the madelines  she baked 4 us, & the great company of writers I was in, it was delicious, delightful, delovely. Somehow I managed not 2 embarrass myself or my friends who were so kind to show up, not 4 me, but 'cause I told them about the cookies. I did talk about that, I write 2 publish. I work very hard at it.  'Cause the alternative, to keep my writing forever shelved isn't 4 me. As I write to PUT IT OUT, TO SHARE. Which has brought me great rewards, not just 2 c my work in print, & has opened my horizons through friendships with editors & publishers, trips, as I hv invited 2 read @ place where bk was being publishd  & on & on. & it keeps me stretching all of me, 2 present my short fiction, poetry & literary translations best I can.
A word about Michelle Tea: I'm grateful 2 hv known her 4 many yrs, from when we used 2 read in Open Mic @ Above Paradise. Michelle is most kind, generous 2 writers, always given us space, encouragement.  & is also a great, most funniest of writers. Michelle, know u r most loved. Thnk U & Thnk U 2 San Francisco CA Library System. 

& 2 all WRite, WRite, WRite       SHARE  & then SHARE  some more.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Invitation from Camincha:

The delight of ur presence is required on aug 6, wed, @ the RADAR reading series.
San Francisco Public Library/Main Brach
6pm Sharp/Free
Features: Camincha from PerĂº/Wendy Delorme from Paris, France/Yirko Sale from LA, CA/ Carmen White from SF, CA.
Hostess Michelle Tea is baking us madelines. She says they r a most literary cooky
Look forward 2 seeing u there. 
Meantime, WRite & WRite & WRite.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

don't know if this

ever reached u, so here it is: Finally, my brnd new website, web. mac. com/camincha. Ck it out.  Also 1 of my stories, shrt fiction, erotic genre, accepted 4 pub in serial form. Will tell u when, where, soon. Meantime: Gd writing. Keep writing. Go write. 

And do read My_Life  'cause since my lst blog 2 U hv hd publshed at least 1 prose & 1 poem. Won't u give me ur opinion, really want 2 know what u think.  So: Gd writing. Keep writing. Go write.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

@ writing

Hv not posted anything 4 while as got caught up  writing  couple stories. 1 just flew out my head. That's how ripe it was. However took like 5 rerwitings before I said: Ur finished. No more. I hv now submtd to a website that publshs long fiction.  Will lt u know result.

The other submitted, was published, reduced by a few words, carefully edited by our My_Story editor, lovely, great writer, Claudia. Meantime I'm writng another. Dnt know where it'll end. Soon I found out wll share info with U.

Since lst I wrote here I pub my web. At moment is in recnstrtn. Will gv u address soon as working again. Now U go write. WRite WRite WRite.