Thursday, October 23, 2008


Want 2 say I wish u a lovely eve & gd writing. 
Just sent several trnslated 2 Eng  poems 2 an editor 2 whom I 1st submitted them Feb 28,2006.
Extreme u say? I don't believe, u say? It's true. And isn't the 1st time. Several of my fiction, poems, trnsltns  hv taken between several months & up 2  3 yrs to finally b on print &/or on line. Why do I pursued it? 'Cause that is the nature of publishing. It is very, very fickle, unreliable. So if an editor, publisher says: Your work has been accepted. I do follow up. I do query from time 2 time on status of my submission. I do work with them if they want changes. Always keeping in mind how lucky I'm 2 hv my work accepted in this competitive field.  Will keep u posted on what comes of this, as I know from experience u r not published until u  c  it on the pg,  b it on hard copy or online. Meantime WRite & then WRite some more

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Litquake Crawl last night,

foremost the event @ The Dark Room where I participated with other great authors was most fun, truly a complete success. Scott & Jon, who through the year have worked so hard to make it happen, Litquake events in general & especially Litquake Crawl have my thanks &  admiration 4 putting it all together.  Afterwards my friends & I went walking 'round The Mission area mostly along Valencia St & it was most animated being as there were readings going on everywhere, book stores, restaurants, bars, in one alley, that had been decorated in a bright, festive fashion very inviting. & there were also street vendors adding 2 the celebration of The Word. One most enterprising guy on a sidewalk advertised himself as the person that 4 a donation would write a poem 4 u. To my delight he was writing not on a laptop. No. He had sitting on his lap a tiny typewriter on which he was already typing a poem 4 a customer. And that is San Francisco! The Bella by The Bay!!!!!!! Till nxt yr Litquake, thnk U 4 the memories.
& 2 u all I say WRite WRite & write some more.

Friday, October 3, 2008

this beautiful, mad world

of writing, or NOT writing. At the moment that is what I'm doing: No writing. It happens sometimes, I get busy with other things, like learning about photos & the computer. Not easy 4 me, but doable. And I'm making progress. Also went 2 dinner several xs with visiting family. It was great. Also, worked in my front yard. It looks a little better. Hv also done scannig frm my old PC 2 my new Mac. Plus am keeping my writr's get together, together. And intend 2 edit some work possibly tonight. And it's good to be sharing it all with u & letting u know its OK not 2 write sometimes also. But u write  write & then write some more