Friday, December 26, 2008

Krsms pst &

accelerating towards '09.  I did hear from iUniverse. Not gd. Hv more ??s to ask & depending on what they say, will c where to go from there. Did hear from re. short fiction submitted. Publisher suggests changes. Will work on it.  Activities related 2 END OF YEAR....  taking more  time than want 2 give them, but hv 2 admit is has been full of exciting, unforgettable experiences like midnight Mass @ St Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco CA. Truly memorable, the Cathedral itself, the Mass full of pomp & ceremony, with magnificent live music from orchestra, chorus, gigantic organ & more, much more.    Will keep u posted of what else before the 1st.   Health tips that hv help me this season: keep pot of water simmering on stove, steam helps to avoid dry throat & nose from heating that keeps house so dry.  Look forward 2 getting bck 2 all activities related 2 being a writer. And u keep WRITING & WRITING SOME MORE.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello & all the best

2 U.     Down time 4 writing & all related activities so I did some sewing, I'm cleaning my cell, my Bookmarks, files. & 2 keep U up to date: NO. No ans 2 my request 4 suggestions, advice on how 2 get my publisher, iUniverse, 2 respond 2 my request regarding their withholding my royalties since '06.  Feel free 2 give me any/all thoughts U might hv on the subject. I intend 2 continue searching 4 answer.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's on my mind these days!

At this moment must face  the business of pressing iUniverse, publisher of my novel AS TIME GOES BY, 2 account 4 the fact that it has never paid me royalties 4 sales of my book. & hsn't updated the amount of $19.95  posted in Internet 1st quarter of 2006. AS TIME GOES BY is, according to Internet, selling all over the world. I wrote 2 iUniverse lst October, short & 2 the point. Have rcvd NO reply. Also iUniverse has deleted their Quarterly Royalty Statements and Monthly Sales History pages from Internet. I put a ? 2 u all, Should I place this info on line &/or start looking 4 a lawyer? 'cause, how many $19.95s is iUniverse withholding?  From how many writers?
Please, I need ur best answers. U will let me hear from U, pls?  Thank U.
Bringing U up to date: Have submitted severalpieces. Will keep U posted.

Meantime WRite WRite,& edit & submit and keep working at it.