Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greetings in this MAGNIFICENT

spring day. 
Sub is an ex exercise however totally exhausting. Just when ready 2 send off found errors in 2 of the 3. In the 1st ln of 1st pgs!!!!!  Hv company, lv it. Not able 2 finish. Maybe tonight.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Kpng promise, Thrift Shops. R a vry persnl bus. Resrch them 2 Ur stsfctn. I'v fnd thm fntain of  joy & SVNGS!  Vintage--GD-EX, but pricey, cn do as well in Thrift Shops. My FAVORITE  in San Francisco @ 17th & Mission. Is like a dpt store. Even hs drsng rms, What more could U psbly want? Well, psbly might wnt ex finds???? They r there. In the rck under BEST BUYS/NEW ARRIVALS. I've found Neiman Marcus designer's jackets, 2 die 4, mint grn & spring yellow w/blck lapels @ $9.ea, Italian shoes $ At this location also: frnture, elctrcl, elctrncs, hm frnture, kitchn/bath utnsls, jewlry etc. 

WRite WRite & thn some more.

Love U wherever U r.
Nxt: Caveat  re  Thrift Shops.  What........?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready 2 submit & cosmetics........

Just finished copying 3 pieces & will send them out tomorrow. R part of RETAZOS–REMNANTS. Will keep U posted of outcome. Wish me luck.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Being on a budget U'll b happy 2 know–has been researched–low priced cosmetics, $2 & up r as gd or better–they r 4 me–than $20. 2 $200. Search Walgreens, Target, Rite Aid. The best face & body cream only around $3. main ingredients: Aloe Vera. Or  Glycerin. Work vry well 4 me. Found out hv 2 use them sparingly. Especially on my face. Best way I use on face,  take only quarter size cream in wet, warm soft piece of cloth & spread gently. Then, also gently, splash warm water. GENTLY press cloth  2 absorb xtr water. Now using my $5. Night-face-cream I spread sparingly. Wake up 2 UNLINED FACE.

WRite WRite & then some more.
Love U wherever U r.
Nxt: Thrift Shops

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dancing, writing & othr gifts of life

Lst night in a barge in Sausalito did dance & danced 2 the magical sounds of Stephanie & her band. Better 4 my cholestoral, liver, kidneys, heart, brain than 2 containers pills, vitamins etc & what a night, the scenery around, Angel Island, Tiburon. The lights, the water, the soft breeze, the intermittent showers. Blessed, blessed is what we r.
Now go do it 4 yourselves & enjoy it, wherever U r.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 say thnk U 4 what I'been given, which is a lot. Say it 4 this Blog, 4 AdSense, 4 the coffee I'm drinking, 4 the friends I'm blessed with, 4 the sun, 4 the rain, 4 His kisses, 4 His praise, His..........

Love U wherever U r
Nxt time: the promised info on cosmetics.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So much 2 say, such little time

so just couple lines. Last th eve had my Writer's Group in my living rm. Great session. This fun Sicilian-descend writes about cooking interlaced w/family story. Fun. Fun.  Lovely woman has idea writing about The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco that dates 2 at least a C ago. But hasn't written a word yet. Just talks about writing. We look forward to reading about it. We heard more from another participant, he's been writing an intriguing story about an Artantica expedition 2 Cs ago. Great story. 1 other great wrter read couple paragraphs about couple immigrants from India, family w/2 children in SFBA & their hope, well, the father's, 2 go back to his home country. Ex writing. & I read a pg from AS TIME GOES BY. & looking forward 2 nxt session. Will keep U posted.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Get up & dance. Gd 4 circulation. Gd 4 the heart.
WRite WRite & then some more.
Love U wherever U r.
Nxt time: cosmetics that wrk 4 all, men & wmn, cats & dgs. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Writers. & Want 2 lose weight?

How 2 get published? Submit ur work. Often. U got rejected? Clean it up–means edit it–& send it out again. More nxt time.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 lose weight, don't spend money U don't hv, on a program on more food! NO. Instead, U can  do it on ur own, buy less & eat less, walk more, eat smaller portions, eat them 4-6  X a day instead of 3-4 big meals. Eat what U like, chew slowly.  Bless ur food, enjoy it, celebrate it, reflect on the miracle of digestion. Let me know about the changes U'll start noticing right away.

WRite WRite & then some more.
Love U wherever U r.
Nxt time: secrets revealed. Maybe. 
Till Fri or Sat.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My friend & Daniel Bergner

He was a little late. Slender. Serious, probing eyes. Unlike all the T shirts, flip flops, shorts, in spite–of freezing wind–Daniel Bergner was wearing an elegant black suit, white shirt, dark tie. The clerk of Books Inc. introduced my friend, author of best seller SOMA, Kemble Scott, & 3 times Grammy winner. Then Scott, as I call him, introduced Daniel Bergner in very flattering terms, but don't remember the exact words. Daniel read & talked about his book,  THE OTHER SIDE OF DESIRE. Read in a clear voice, excellent diction, gd eye connection. There were Q & As, then signed books. When the line cleared, I approached & handed him my card. Daniel asked, what kind of writing I do? I said, erotica, but Scott calls it romantic. His serious, probing eyes smiled & his teeth showed pearly white. 

Read THE OTHER SIDE OF DESIRE, by Daniel Bergner, full of surprises about ur friends. Read SOMA, by Kembel Scott, full of surprises about ur friends in San Francisco CA. Read AS TIME GOES BY, by me, Camincha, full of surprises about ur friends, a different kind of immigrants. 

WRite WRite & then write some more.
Love U wherever U r.
Next: HEALTH save u money& more about writing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Writers. & exrcise 4 strong legs.

Had a great eve last night. With friends went 2 Books Inc in San Francisco 2 listen 2 Daniel Bergner. Will gv U details soon. 'Cause now got too late. &  just want 2 keep promise,

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: After trying many dif exrcises, this is working. Whenever possible, especially around the house standing, walking, I pick up r. leg & press it backwards against upper part. Then l. leg, same thing. Over & over.  Several times a day. If  I'm out working, doing errands, when go to bathrm, or corridors r empty . Try it. Where? nt important. Also when sitting work legs like am on bycicle. Important! do it evry day. Let me know, does it work r U? Besides gd 4 legs, will flatten ur stomach. What a bonus!!!!!

Meantime WRite WRite & then some.

Love U wherever U r,
Nxt time:  My friends & Daniel Bergner.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Writing & Take-out on vry vry low budget.

Some time ago I shared w/u my problem w/publisher of my bk, AS TIME GOES BY, '05: not paying my royalties. After trying ovr & ovr finally got reluctant attention of a Customer Relations officer who ans my emails & calls. Well, after some 5 months we hv come full circle 2 where started. Bottom line, at pte: no payment. Hv 2 think of, what nxt?

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Take-outs. My research showed,  saves u money, time, energy vs. cooking at home= less stress, more rlxd leisure time. Deduct shopping time, prep of ingredients, cooking time, cleaning bef & after. Look 4 inxpnsv, family run rstrnts near U.  I alternate at least among Latin, Japanese, Italian, Greek. U'll b pleasantly surprised, at quality, taste, price. Works also when U invite girlfriend or boyfriend. Come dinner time U r not tired. U just want 2 enjoy &........Worth trying!!!!!

WRite WRite & write some more.

Love U wherever U r.
Nxt: Excercise 4 strong legs. Won't b able 2 b w/U tomorrow. Wed work full dy. Will try Fri.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Writing & the cost of feeding

ourselves. Writing is a great part of my life. When the characters start talking & beginning of a story evolving, is exhilarating.  Then is up to me 2 take it 2 completion, through the grueling editing, formatting, submitting.  That's why when is finally on the pg lit or Ezine is an enormous pleasure. So far been fortunate 2 b able 2 get through those steps many times. & up 2 now 'cause I sell my books, it pays 4 itself.  But doesn't 4 groceries. Not yet...

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: so 2 keep me sane went looking 4 ansrs & found, that the Frozen Food sections offer: Different brands when on sale of, $1. entrées, pizzas, veggies, breads, desserts.  & in a microwave the whole dinner takes only about 10 m. Hot & aromatic  ready 4 u 2 enjoy.  Oh! so u don't eat frozen foods! Well, I researched them & found they hv 2 conform 2 high stndrds of quality, really superior to fresh produce.  & considering that there is no peeling, washing, dicing. Minimal cooking time. No pots 2 wash bfr or aftr. & with enormous variety @ yur finger tips, will never tired of ur cooking, Right? Give it a chance.

Tomorrow: Take out on vry vry low budget.

WRite WRite & then some more.

Love U wherever U r.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Raven & I.

Our relationship goes bck 2  '02 when submtd my trnsltn 2 Spanish of Laura Stortoni's poem, AN ANGRY REQUIEM. It was accepted 4 publction, @ an undetermined date. When any wrk of mine is accepted I, respectfully query regularly re. status. I don't let them forget me. However if piece is rejected I respect decision & wrk submtng elsewher.  The Raven's publishr/mngr, Phoebe Bosché, kindly kept me posted. A friendly rlatnshp was born. My trnsltn was pub '05, The Raven Chronicles vol. 11, No.3   Speaking In Tongues.  Vry few mgzns pub trnsltns so I sub again 2 Raven, it was  '06. Sent my trnsltns 2 English of  4 poems of Peruvian César Vallejo. There must b some magic 2 the #3 'cause 1 of my trnsltns is coming out in '09 Vol. 14, #2!!! 
HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME: 'Cause all metabolisms r nt created equal if something wrks 4 u, then is gd...4 u. Never mind it doesn't wrk 4 anyone else. Ex: Yrs ago people were told egg yolkes, NOT GD. Friends were throwing them down drain. Now, we r told they r gd. Same w/wine, NOT GD. GD. Tofu GD. Now NOT GD. Coffee NOT GD. Now  GD, serves 2 screen sun rays that damage skin. Well, I nevr threw away egg yolkes, 'cause couldn't afford 2.  & never believe any of it. Love coffee, grew up drinking café con leche. Love the sun. 2 get negrita every summer lying on the beach. Love it! It sustains me in cold, gray winter dys. Re: something wrks 4 u, then is gd...4 u.
WRite WRite & then write some more. 
 Love U wherever U r.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thnk U,Mil Gracias,Merci Beaucoup

 I say 2 Google that has made me partner of AdSense, 2 this B which I owe 2 My_ Story_  & 2 Reeba kind librarian, Sharp Park branch, Pacifica took time 2 teach me 2  manage it 'cause I didn't hv a clue! Yes. Thnk U, Mil Gracias, Merci Beaucoup. & want 2 share I'm hoping 4 best as this afternoon wrote follow up letters 2 Clint Eastwood whom I sent short story 2 read hoping will want 2 produce it 4 TV &/or movies. & 2 Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central 2 whom I sent my novel, AS TIME GOES BY, hoping he'll read it & like it sooooo much 'll invite me 2 his show 2 talk about it. What's that? Is she crazy? U say. Yes. I'm. Pls keep positive thoughts 4 me & I promise 2 keep U posted. 
HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Smile! U heard this from parents,teachers. Read/heard it mgzn, TV, radio. Well. Do it 'cause it'll prevent & even erase lines from ur face. & u'll b perceive as positive, energetic. As they review ur application. Yes. Persevere, stay focus, practice. Make it work 4 U even during sleep. When dozing of, command: Smile, Work 4 ME! It will. 
WRite WRite & then write some more


Friday, March 6, 2009

Glad 2 b back!

Life took over & had 2 take care of many, many issues, like getting 4 thr 1st time in 10 yrs, the flu & twisting my right ankle. It was beyond painful!  But, gd news dpto: 1) my short story, Crossing Over, was rejected by one editor & after I worked on it & fitted it 2 the liking of another  I'm familiar with, it was accepted & most important, PUBLISHED, on line already. 2) had 4 erotic poems accepted but don't know when they'll b on line as had trouble getting on the site! 3) hd another short story accepted  & editor will let me know when it'll go on line. So I'm thankful, humble, honored. & must say it was worth all the 3 hundred million hours it took me 2 get it all 2 this point.  Like I've said takes PERSEVERANCE & HARD WORK 2 write & write & get published.  & of course continue writing, editing, all immensely time consuming. Also keeping my files in order. Not easy, 'cause hv bcome enormous. Also 'cause lately trying 2 make it a more efficient system, managed 2 get  so mixed up, took forever 2 sort it all out.
HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Found out  massaging the ankle, taking naps daily, as needed. Plus adding B5, cod liver oil, vit C, besides the One a Day, B 12, & Brain Pep I was taking already, daily, & eating more cooked veg & fruits helped to heal me from flu & ankle. Cooked veg & fruits? Yes. Otherwise hv enormous problems digesting them. Every one is different! Must say it didn't happen overnight, it took several weeks.
Meantime ck my & buy my books. Is a sweet deal, I pay txs & postage.  WRite Write write write & then write some more.