Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have been w/o a computer 4 few days. Changed 2 a laptap, so can take it 2 the shop 4 121 classes, repairs. The 17" desk top got too heavy. Now hv 2 adjust 2 many changes. Meantime, regards "pain killers" suggested by Dc. I called, Kaiser's Customer Support lady listen, really listen. To my delight nxt day, got appt with orthopedic. Date not convenient! We did agree on 1 later in the month. This time it was worth it speaking up. 2 b cont.
Daydreaming, planning, conniving about SELLING my short fiction. 2 b cont.
And what else? Hv 2 get organize, write an ad 2 sell my desk top. The mamoth scale I bought last year, & never use. LOL. Found out the little scale had been accurate!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today doings.Poem published on line this morning.Jobs.

Today's doings not going well--among other reasons--'cause last Th I went 2 Kaiser were I had 2 c "my" Primary Doctor, whom I told every1, she wasn't. No one listen & I was told to get 2 the orthopedic I really needed I had 2 c her. So why am I upset? 'Cause all she offered me was, Pain killers which I never asked 4. And don't need. I'm doing fine with aspirin. To that Doctor said, They don't work. Nxt she said could give me cortisone. I hv read about it, I rejected it. So, 2 determine what ails me she ordered blood test & Xrays. Xrays I approved of but not blood test, sorry had it done. $25. I don't really hv. After I talked it all over w/friends, decided 2 call & asked Kaiser what should I do? lady gave me Member Outreach #. I'll call tomorrow. 2 b cont.
Still upset. I say that want 2 sell my already published short fiction 4 production in TV, big screen &/or stage, & get advice on.......publishing!!!!!!! Something 2 work on. 2 b cont.
And what else is there? Like all of us today, there is more but 4 now......2 b cont.

My poem @
Lovely painting is by Claudia Ricci.


I don"t want to read
all there is to read.

Really, I don't.
All these lovely stories
that sound so charming. And
often end so common place.
I write them myself. Of course
not commonplace, though!

Really don't want to read other's
except they beg me. Like a kitten
scratching at my ankles
for attention they beg me to caress their
lines with my eyes. To share
their turn of events. To turn the page
and keep up with the story. I do, and feel
good afterwards, like when I share
a cup of coffee with Mary even though
I should have gone on with the house cleaning.

Turning the pages I find about foreign
lands exciting characters, though more
often than not about people like me who also
enjoy and survive and hurt and read about
others like me.

“…………But camincha wants to take in continents and hemispheres. She is a woman of extraordinary vitality, passion and a hunger for life. Read her, enjoy her.” Michael Krasny KQED FM

Jobs: Google very kindly keeps posting them right here. Scan 2 top of page.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

JOBS? LIT WAVE coming 2 Pacifica.


For JOBS, ck my past postings, phone #s, addresses all current. Everyone still there helping.

coming to Pacifica April 28 to the Grape in the Fog 4 to 6p. The list isn't complete, but so far there is a great combination of minds: Anna Booth, Emanuel Williams, Camincha, we will read our best lines. And I can tell you U'll enjoy my erotic, quirky, ethnic LOVE poems which I compose always just thinking of YOU. Look forward 2 seeing YOU there.

GRAPE in the FOG
400 Old County Road,
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 735-5854

Thursday, March 1, 2012


JOB FAIR March 27 San Francisco, Hotel Whitcomb.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
-Leon Joseph Suenens

While you ponder this, check, FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES, IN COLLECTION OF STORIES & POEMS @ have a writer’s workshop, a class?


With hesitation the voice lowered a bit to add, my daughter, she is thirteen, she likes to write. Could she....... ................