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Be Part of the Solution. Friends r contributing…...

from my friends who want 2 b Part of the Solution. Diana Ricketts 
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another great place is WALMART
they have hecka hella deals hot dogs
two packs for 3 bucks

got 4.5 pounds of chicken breast for 10 bucks
and made a ton of chicken salad yesterday
enough to last a week

spent 89 cents on the celery
and 39 cents on one onion i used
and two bottle of relish from TARGET for 99 cents each
and made a mountain of food outta that.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back 2 the Seventy-five year old virgin.

I grew up with English and Spanish, like you.

 pg. 6
They talked of Peru. Found they would have to continue the conversation at another time, they had so much to talk about. There were many parallels in their lives. They had lived in the same city, Miraflores. They had  studied at the same school, San Jorge, only in different years. Also had frequented the same spots, El Parquecito Salazar, La Diagonal, D’onofrio, La Tiendecita Blanca and on and on. Many names mentioned were familiar to each other.

Turning to business Ina interrupted, Well, let me give you the information, You have to pass the state exams, written and oral. There is no curriculum to study. No classes available to take. Ina did have a number, though, Alba could call for info on dates, fees, locations. Ina explained further. You can work as interpreter and translator but not in the courts of law. Not till you pass the exams. So, added with a smile. Call me tomorrow. Ina did give her some assignments every week. And was delighted to receive positive evaluations from clients.

Alba found out that the exam, the written, was not to be given for several months. And there was the oral to follow. Meantime no steady income. No health insurance. No paid vacation. No sick leave. Independent?! Oh! Yeah. On her own.  Found out how much she missed the copy machines, good typewriters. Definitely a mixed situation, sweet and sour. Like Chinese food, she smiled to herself. And would she pass…? Alba got to work to find what the exams were all about. To the pleasant man who answered the Judicial Council’s phone: Are there books I can buy to study? She asked.

Silence. Smile? Sympathetic laughter.  No………….//You either know it or you don’t.

Oscar was more helpful, Go to the Hall of Justice, 6th and Bryant. Talk to the interpreters there. Watch them. Listen. See what you can learn. Go to the bookstore of Golden Gate University and buy all the bilingual dictionaries they have and study them.

She did study them. Her head ached, her stomach, but she did….Yes. 

pg. 7
The months passed. Alba adjusted, slowly, to her new life with its unfamiliar locations, persons, the no schedule, schedule. She was getting by. The rent from a roommate she hardly ever saw as he traveled a lot. Lloyd’s…,the interpreting, translating. It all helped,

The written exam reminded her of the harshest, longest most difficult she had ever taken. It went on and on and on. The booklet with the questions, seemed to add itself pages, one for each one she filled up.

Several weeks passed and finally Alba received the letter. She had passed. The oral exam a couple of months later was in the form of a courtroom situation. Somehow the cumulative research she had done, watching, listening, reading came to her aid, rescued her when she needed it. She passed the oral also.

A year had gone by. It was nineteen-eighty. She now had her Interpreter’s certificate. She was forty-seven starting over with a new career. Making excellent money. Just reserving Wednesdays to be with Lloyd.

BERT WAS THE lawyer she was to work with that morning through Costas. They shook hands, smiled into each other’s eyes. He was charming. Not exactly her type. A bit on the chubby side. Not tall. About five nine feet. Wore glasses. But altogether rather a handsome brunette.

Bert called Costas and asked for Alba again and again. She liked working with him. He was an excellent lawyer. Soft spoken but he got his point across. They went out to dinner. He liked for them to go for rides down the coast. Their love making was delicious. Had a very nice apartment in a trendy neighborhood in San Francisco. Bert was single. No children.  But his mother really, really wanted grandchildren.

In trying 2 b PART of the SOLUTION

PLS. pass these on............
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Back to The seventy-five year old virgin.

pg. 4
Later on, he became the perfect host. Served coffee and muffins which filled the room with their delicious aroma. Alba also noticed how comfortable the place was. And how the bathroom was spotless and smelled of, cinnamon? Well, most pleasant. They talked. He took the lead putting her at ease. He told her about his business, real state. The work? She didn’t have to concern herself about it. And he made a gesture with his hand to indicate that it was of no importance. He took her to lunch. The  street, filled her senses with contrasting colors, noise, people, smells agitated by the gentle breeze blowing from the Pacific. Blue skies. Sunshine.  The kind of day that movies are made of so the world will think, Oh yes, San Francisco, always sunny in California. What a  contrast with the quiet little island they had been in all morning.   In the afternoon he initiated their love making again. Let’s climaxed together, he whispered. They didn’t. But, no matter, it was good. No, better than the morning. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. At five o’clock, they were ready to leave, smiling he handed her an envelope.

She opened it at home. It contained the full day’s pay.

Alba’s friends were delighted, a small part-time, and the room rented! Encouraged, decided to set up job interviews for her. She met several interesting persons. Men. They praised her being fluent in English and Spanish. But when they found out the salary she expected, they had only promises, If this or that position opens. We will keep you in mind. Meantime the balance in her savings account was dwindling. However she did get invited to lunch, dinner and parties. So it was at a loud, colorful house party that she heard a long ago known voice whisper in her ear, Alba, how are you?

She turned ‘round to face him. Oscar!

Can I get you a drink?

A Coke, no ice, she smiled.

They sat and talked. Well, Oscar said, the girl I brought here tonight

pg. 5
works as interpreter-translator….

But that doesn’t pay any…

He interrupted. It pays very well, minimum twenty five an hour.

Her eyes got big in delighted surprise.

I’ll introduce you. She owes me a couple of favors.  She’ll help you. Talk to her. Ask her how to get into that field. Now let’s dance. And at the sound of a cumbria, they joined the others in the middle of the room.

MONDAY, ALBA AND Renne, met in San Francisco for lunch. Renee was a delightful woman, very much in love with Oscar and eager to help Alba. Don’t forget your resume, were Renee’s last words as they embraced good bye.

Renee introduced her to the manager of the Costas Institute in San Francisco that had among many services, an interpreter-translators department.

The manager, Ina, perhaps mid thirties. Probably British, assumed Alba. Long blonde hair. In each of her arms wore at least twenty bracelets, of different materials and colors. Does she take them off? When she makes love? To sleep at night? When she showers, bathe? Does she leave them on?  Alba stared, smiling.

Ina caught her look. Amused. Anticipating the question, suddenly spoke to Alba in Spanish, No. Nunca me los saco!!

Alba, blurted out, You are Peruvian!

Yes. Miraflores. We can always tell, ha? The accent gives us away, smiled Ina, Yeah of British parents. I grew up with English and Spanish, like you.

Can there b any more …….? Both r Peruvians…..Miraflores? Is there a deeper meaning here.  & the bracelets………….We r about  2 find……….

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PLS. pass these on............
Call 1-877-4AID-VET For Homeless & At-Risk Veteran Help & Resources.

JOBS  available @ Mission Cultural Center.  2868 Mission St San Francisco  One block from 24St  BART     415 821 1155.

JOBS available @  The Blackwell Files specializes in Real People talent…that means you!
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