Friday, July 31, 2009

BOTOX. In 'bd mood

4 no reason. Is dat inspirng or what? If dat statemnt didn't lift Ur spirits.......well it's makng me smile. Of course, is not 4 no reason. It nevr is. It's really 'cause somwher deep in U somthng is missing. Somthng isn't right. U might b in vry gd shape, OK? Can pay da rnt, afford Safeway, fill up da tnk, dat guy/gal U like did call.......So what's wrong? We r human, we wnt more. I know. I know. Time 2 go bck 2 our HOW TO BOOKS. Like POSITIVE THINKING, HOW TO BEAT THE BLUES etc etc etc Well actually now dat I got U thinkng abot what's wrong in Ur life I feel better.

HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME: Botox does. Few & far between works great. I'm not going 2 list all da gd/negative possible results. Just google & decide 4 Ur self.

Next: will recommend a book. My own AS TIME GOES BY? Well, not what I hd in mind but dat's a gd 1. OK besids dat 1, I'll gv U another title I've enjoyd recently.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tired of RECORDEMOS, REMEMBER, Michael Jackson?

OK. I got it. Will write abot somthng else. Howevr, pls 4 all time we mustn't forgt wht Michael gav 2 us, gave 2 da world. Now moving on, what's new? My CALENDAR with dates of future readngs in San Francisco, Berkeley, & Pacifica in da comng months. 4 details go 2

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Smilng. Been doing it enough yrs dat it hs erased old lins from my face. & is keepng new ones from formng. Ther4 savng me money on plstic surgry & makng Botox few & far between.

Next: Botox?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recordemos. Michael Jackson. King of Philanthropy. Remember.

No Olvidemos. Recordemos. Remember. Let's not Forget.

The King of Pop, the King of Philanthropy, Michael Jackson gave to hundreds of charities, earning the title of "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Singer" in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for supporting 39 charities. In 1985, in a move that undoubtedly inspired later large-scale celebrity concerts and benefit songs, Michael Jackson cowrote the song "We are the World" with Lionel Ritchie and recorded it with scores of other celebrities to raise money for Ethiopia. In 1984 donated $1.5 million to a burn center in California. In 1992 Michael Jackson created the Heal the World Foundation, which gave to needy children around the world, provided relief during the war in Bosnia and funded and alcohol abuse education. Its Web site lists its mission as "trying to improve the condition of all mankind." A Chronicle of Philanthropy article lists the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation as Charities Michael Jackson also supported. Michael Jackson divided his will estimated at $200 million: 40% to his children 40% to his mother %20 to charity.

No Olvidemos. Recordemos. Remember. Let's not Forget.