Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writer reading. HEALTH TIPS.... Sale Nordstrom. NEXT

Writer hs been readng: El cojo y el loco/The Cripple and the Mad Man by Jaime Bayly, Peruvian. Read in Spa & though admire his style, always, as in No se lo digas a nadie & Los últimos días de La Prensa, I didn't like The Cripple....... 'cause what gives us in the grossest of grossest vocablry I hv ever read, it loses in feelng, smell, color & flavor. But, who knows, did I just sell it 2 U? Let me know.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 b mor strict. 2 weight myslf often, aftr I wore dress hdnt worn in a while & mirror showd me a sack of potatoes. Recomnd, weigh oftn. Thn whn He, She says, U look beautfl U can belv Him, Her.

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NEXT: I'll tell U abot bk I loved.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Stop it right now: U, all "experts," "doctors," "authorities," in the media, those ladies rn't Tiger's "girlfriends," nor least of all "mistressess" & so he owes them NO apologies. Those ladies r workng women that make a living as "companions," "escorts." And make bundles, & bundles of money, for their services come @ a very high price since they work only 4 very rich, powerfull men. So research your facts 1st befr U put Ur assertions on the airwaves showing U just make Ur "news" on the spot with NO knowledge of what Ur talkng abot.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Writers reading. HEALTH TIPS.... Sale Macys. NEXT

Small group read last nigh @ Pacifica Forum. Lov poms from 1 womn. She didn't giv her voice propr inflectn. 1 man read abot Ravens. 1 man abot 4 leaf clover. Anothr man a most tragic pom abot womn drowng in a mud slide. His delvry was excllent, his enuncitn. But wish I hdn't heard it. 2 trgic. 2 intense. I wasn't ready, in the mood 4 that. I hd selectd, on purpose, ABUELITA, tongue in cheek, abot womn who sees hr grndmthr––dead 20yrs ago in Peru––all arnd her in the SFBA, like Fri morng on BART......... 2 read rest of ABUELITA go 2 http://web.mac.com/camincha

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Magnesium capsules 2 combt constipation that happens 2 many, regrdls of age. Little kids, 20 yr olds, 40, 60, 100. So research it 1st. Talk, ask ????s of clrks @ your favrt Health Food Store. Also drnk lts water. Also, most important, excrsi: Suck in stomch. Let it out. In - Out. In - Out. Every hr. All time U r awake. Try it. U'll get results. Evrythng will come out OK. Who said that?

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Ths writr celebrts languageandculture.net publshd her trnsltn 2 Eng of Peruvian César Vallejo's poem, HECES. DREGS: This afternoon it rains as never before; and I/don't feel like living, my heart...........

NEXT: 'Cause Ur keepng Urslf slendr & beautfl U deserve VALUE SETS @ only 29.50 & only @ NORDSTROMS. Limitd amont. Act quickly.

& slendr & beautfl SFSU alumni pencil-in: 1st Thr Mixer @ Gio 5:30-7:30 on May 6/10 Commercial St SF 415 338 2217. Camincha just RSVP'd.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 eat what I like––fatty meat, white rice, fruit pies, veggies & fruits cookd only, cause can't digst thm raw. Evry 2 hrs wrks bst. Howevr in vry sml amnts & walk & drnk lts water. Gd 4 me. So is GOOD. So U, eat what U like. But don't ovr eat. Walk a lot evry day. Drnk lts water. Whn cravng attacks U gv in: tak a sip, a bite. OK 2, but NO mor. & if its gd 4 U. Thn its gd. Dn't worry abot Dc Oz or Ophra. Howvr somthng they recomnd takes Ur fancy, try it. Mayb is gd 4 U. & if is gd 4 U, is gd.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

This wrtr. HEALTH TIPS...... NEXT.

This writr thnks all contrbtd 2 my earning enough frm ths B that I actually hd 2 declr it 2 our friendly IRS!!! I forgive U, but pls, keep readng, comment, wrk w/me, make me famous.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 ground the vitmns I take. Light on the stomach. Easier 2 digst. Caveat: 1st do an invntry. R this many necesry? R they compatble?

NEXT: Look out 4 Ms Sharon Gless in title role of ROUND HEEL WOMAN. Had the great fortune of catching her @ Artaud Theater in SF. She gave the part of 67 yr old womn lookng 4 sx, a depth that wsn't in the bk. Ms Gless w/a few stage props, a couple of scarves, & YES, a talentd, truly talentd cast perfrmd magic on us. & 4 an xtr touch got 2 meet Ms Gless, who turnd out 2 b a most classy, gracious lady. Thnk U Ms Gless 4 an unforgetble evening. Blessings 2 U.