Saturday, October 20, 2012


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Low price STORES in Oakland from Poet Tony Seymour: MI TIERRA  &  CHINESE MARKETS
Call 1-877-4AID-VET For Homeless & At-Risk Veteran Help & Resources.

JOBS  available @ Mission Cultural Center.  2868 Mission St San Francisco  One block from 24St  BART     415 821 1155.
JOBS available @  The Blackwell Files specializes in Real People talent…that means you!
JOBS available @   Part-time, full-time, temporary, voluntary, for all seasons teen job 13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 year old and older.
 2 go JOB HUNTING U need 2 look Ur best so 4 a price U can afford go 2 Supercuts   Hair cuts lowest prices. To find the 1 nearest U  Also need gd looking clothes  2  fit Ur humble  budget?  Try 2nd hand stores everywhere. They r excellent.  My favorite is @ 17St & Mission in San Francisco. Opened daily.
U need 2 eat?  Go 2  a Safeway—the largest ones hv the most variety in low prices,  2 for 1, Frozen main course  $1,  8 whole pieces roasted chicken $5.
Farmer Markets, @ closing time  r  willing 2 sell their gds @ minimum  prices & or in exchange 4 help in closing up.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

The END of The Seventy-five year old virgin.

My life gets very busy, it takes off on its own, now I'm back to finish the great Erotic, Edgy, Ethnic story I left a few weeks ago:

pg. 12
moment before they reached for each other and embraced fondly. Lloyd asked her to dinner. We have so much to talk about, he smiled.

He had selected MC2, a unique restaurant on Pacific Ave. Alba was there for the first time. Stepping into it, she stood a moment in the foyer to savor what she saw, what was being offered her, the spacious, elegant, sophisticated place with tables and chairs of curvaceous  shapes, of light wood that set off enormous flower arrangements of bright colors, strategically placed through out the place, spreading its colors with skillful strokes, on the ceiling, the walls, the furniture. And she looked forward to tasting the food, she had heard is was New American! Uhmmm

Lloyd and Alba enjoyed each others company, being together. Talking. Sharing. He was divorced. Two grand children. Real State a great source of joy, a continuous challenge. Financially rewarding. She looked him over. He was just as elegant as always. Maybe five pounds over weight? Still had a head full of hair. And most important, the twinkle in his eyes was still there. Just as mischievous.

Alba brought him up to date.  Alba found herself so comfortable in his company. Just like when he used to hold her and whisper words of love in her ear. As when his eyes shone delighted when presenting her with another piece of jewelry. It felt easy to confide in him, I have a doctor’s appointment next week…

You? You never…..You never go to the doctor.

Well, this is different. I did have it under control with exercise but do need to see a doctor now. She stopped herself realizing hadn’t told anyone. Had not shared with anyone…But here she was blurting it out to Lloyd.

He looked concerned.

No. Not to worry. Have researched it thoroughly. Is a prolapsed of the

vagina. Displacement of the vagina. The tissues have become relaxed. Is just a tightening up. Can be helped with a simple operation. Actually quite common. Like a face lift, she smiled playfully. I’m going to be brand new again. I’m going to look very pretty. She lowered her voice and leaned over, the doctor told me, I’m even going to put a little cherry there! 

They laughed heartily. People around them smiled in their direction welcoming merriment in the sober, elegant, sophisticated environment.

It was his turn. With mischief in his eyes, he smiled, Would you save yourself for me? Would you let me be the first.…?