Thursday, January 28, 2010

All wrtrs wrt 4 F? HEALTH TIPS... NEXT:I rembr Salinger

F= FREE. Sevrl wks ago in a B, Stephen Elliot wrote:....people have always written for free for literary publications.... yet even we writers still think that what we do is worth money.... The explosion of free content that is the Internet has us all bewildered .... What use would Poe have made of the Internet....? What use would Kafka? Stephen final ¿¿ ??s, Writing I do 4 FREE, is it a brilliant or stupid way of promoting the writing I'm trying to sell? or is it a way of transcending the capitalist system in my last few months before becoming homeless? And is blogging a luxury or a form of slavery?

Excelnt ¿¿¿ ???s. Frm what I read abot Poe I think that with many drnks in him he would either fnd a way 4 the Internet 2 pay him very well or he wouldn't b bother with it. & Kafka? Frm what I read abot Kafka, he never cared 2 b publshd & long aftr he died it was a friend who had his works publsd. & Blging? I belv as anythng in life, it's what we make it. We r the masters.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: When I got sick with a serious cold past decmbr found only thing that helpd was 2 pay att 2 signs frm my body: 2 rest as needed, 2 drnk lots of water, 2 take vits mostly C daily, swab throat lightly with iodine helped much with coughing spells, & 2 gargle using 1/4 tspn dissolvd in warm water. Health 2 U & U & U

NEXT: I rembr Salinger....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raj Patel. Health Tips That....... Next: the F word........

Congrats 2 Raj, his bk, The Value of Nothing, made Best Sellers list. I look forwrd 2 readng it as noticd he uses wrds in innovative, interestng way. 1) He says in becmng US citizen he feels "bethroted" 2 this country. I knew that wrd by a difrnt meaning, so dbled chkd & the meaning is still: Bethrotal, a formal contract, blessed or officiated by a religious authority. Bethrotal, binding as marriage. Bethroted couples are regarded legally as husband and wife. 2) I read he advocats a hamburger should cost $200. Well! Raj, do U know who eats hamburgers? Mostly persons that earn $8. an hr. If U had Ur way, what would U have them eat?

Health Tips That Work 4 Me: Space Haters, fully research bfr U buy. Buy it frm store that'll allow U 2 retrn it if necessary. Hv learned space heaters rn't all created equal. Some gv out an obnoxious odor that can make U sick. In that case don't assume the odor will wear out. It doesn't. Retrn it at once. When U find the 1 U can keep, use it with vntilatn, keep windw/door at least 1" & 1/2 opened. Use it mstly in LOW, they can b great comfort.

NEXT: Several weeks ago Stephen Elliot in a B used the F word: FREE, in regards 2 Poe & Kafka. Did they care? What U thnk? Tune in nxt week. Look frwrd 2 Ur company.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4 those that r weight/diet conscious.

Camincha posted: HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Durng "THE HOLIDAYS" 1) eat lightly of evrythng. No secnds, thrds.... so we nt get any fatter, uglier, unpleasnt dan we r alredy. No need 2 giv ourslfs anothr reason 2 hate Us. 2) Walk 2 & frm dinner sites. Wht if we lose weight, bcom pretty, handsome, pleasnt...............?

David Hirzel,The Green Builder said... My thought is eat however much you like on Christmas Day--only! Eve, day-after, weeks and moths before and after, lots of salad stuff and whole grains.

And red wine.
Ur thoughts on this, we really want 2 know.

What do U think? we really want 2 know.