Friday, May 21, 2010

Writer recomnds. HEALTH TIPS THAT....... NEXT

Highly recmnd readng, Why Does E=MC2 & Why Should We Care? by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw. Delightfl 4 me 'cause the passion which it’s written emanatng from the pgs. The authors earnest 2 make it easy 4 readers 2 understand what they are trying to convey. Regardls, it did sent me 2 researchng, Pythagoras? Oh! took me bck 2 high school. & rereadng & rereadng on & on. Well worthy, what a plsur.........

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: But isn't 4 ever1, studyng. Buryng Ur nose in a bk. So if U feel that way, don't anguish, just enroll in a Vocational School. Study electricity, carpentry, plumbing etc. Hopefully no debts 4 U when U finish. & or U may apprentice 2 some1 & learn a trade that way. I known it 2 happen. Gd luck 2 U.

NEXT: ¿/????

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ths wrtr is: Rememberng those who nurture, console, encourage, counsel, all who MOTHER, men, women. To all my friends, wish U dahlias & rainbows in this lovely rainy day.

2 my mother, IN MEMORY:


with different eyes now. No longer
does she see herself caressing
the chairs, the tables, the
paintings with the duster.
She now sees her shadow that
visits without anyone knowing it,
rooms that other times
gave her shelter.

outside of their familiar places
going from hand to hand,
orphaned children,
wandering from one place to another.
She sees herself in the small screen,
the scenes follow each other fast:
She is a teenager in love. A
woman loaded with children.
A mother pained by responsibilities. A
woman anxious of living before
the clock strikes the hour
A woman that knows she mustn't try to avoid
the inevitable. A woman that lives
a day at a time. A woman that
learns to trust in the Mother-Father to
be able to bear the load on her shoulders.
The images accelerate, get fuzzy, disappear.

with different eyes now.
She wants less than other days. She
wants to make her load as light as possible.
She wants to take with her only happy memories
that don't weigh anything: Birthdays celebrated
with music. Cheerful friends. Sunny
days at the beach. Sentimental embraces.
Loving embraces. Passionate embraces.
Sexual embraces.

with different eyes now.