Monday, January 19, 2009

good news

Been invited 2 read at Hilltop College, tuesday may 19 @ noon. All of u b there, introduce yourselves. Let's talk. Had 2 pieces published already. Very thankful, honored.  Now, started 2 edit short fiction & poems so I can submit them.  Is late & cold, so goodnight.

Health Tip that Has work 4 Me: 4 dry skin instead of washing ur face in the morning refresh it with a soft wet cloth infused with a moisturizing such as aloe or vitamin E.

WRite WRite WRite & then write some more.  

Friday, January 9, 2009

Good news

coming soon 2 this Blog!
Health Tip that Works 4 me: dn't  keep  all wndws & drs shut & cntrl htng & rm htrs ON. No. Leave 2 wndw/drs open at least cpl inches. Preferably in opposites sides of your place. It'll help u breath  better.

WRite WRite write & then WRite some more.

PS: iUniverse still giving the run 'round! I still wait 2 hear from U! Pls.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


One of my latest submissions, short story, was just published on line. I'm delighted & most thankful for I know the competition is fierce, so many excellent writers out there!!!!! & also, My_Story_ is interested in one of my poems, The editor wants a few changes, so I'll work on it.
Meantime, impasse w/iUniverse not resolved. Will work on it. Will keep U posted. And pls, any input, share!

Health tip that has worked 4 me: If ur eyelashes r falling off. Change brand of mascara. 

Meantime: WRite WRite & write some more.