Wednesday, August 20, 2008

editing & reediting

& then then the Olympics intrude with  heart felt stories &  the everyday steps I must take 2 get thru the day & it's evening now & best to do is be thankful the day went well & look 2 tomorrow. Now to finish, back 2 editing & reediting: I subd a fiction, short story. The publisher kindly emailed saying, It has possibilities!!! But I need 2 polish it. 
So I looked it over and, Yes, I add a few touches  but feel is very much finished so I'm going 2 resubd it in a few days as is & leave it at that. And explain, why, I'm not taking a couple of its suggestions. My reason: redundancy.

Meantime U write, write & write.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

summer, verano

Son tan elusivos en Pacifica california. Here, one day is summer––maybe––the nxt, winter. & today, is changing hr 2 hr. Howevr doing bst 2 enjoy it I hv been swimming @ my favorite spot Lake Temescal in Oakland & dancing everywhere Los Boleros, my favorite local band plays. But did edit/polish a poem which I'll b submitting 2day. Ck my website 2 listen 2 my postings.

& wish u gd writing. WRite    WRite   WRite.

Friday, August 8, 2008

RADAR reading series @ SF CA Main Library

Well. It did happened & thanks 2 Michelle Tea, Moderator, & the madelines  she baked 4 us, & the great company of writers I was in, it was delicious, delightful, delovely. Somehow I managed not 2 embarrass myself or my friends who were so kind to show up, not 4 me, but 'cause I told them about the cookies. I did talk about that, I write 2 publish. I work very hard at it.  'Cause the alternative, to keep my writing forever shelved isn't 4 me. As I write to PUT IT OUT, TO SHARE. Which has brought me great rewards, not just 2 c my work in print, & has opened my horizons through friendships with editors & publishers, trips, as I hv invited 2 read @ place where bk was being publishd  & on & on. & it keeps me stretching all of me, 2 present my short fiction, poetry & literary translations best I can.
A word about Michelle Tea: I'm grateful 2 hv known her 4 many yrs, from when we used 2 read in Open Mic @ Above Paradise. Michelle is most kind, generous 2 writers, always given us space, encouragement.  & is also a great, most funniest of writers. Michelle, know u r most loved. Thnk U & Thnk U 2 San Francisco CA Library System. 

& 2 all WRite, WRite, WRite       SHARE  & then SHARE  some more.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Invitation from Camincha:

The delight of ur presence is required on aug 6, wed, @ the RADAR reading series.
San Francisco Public Library/Main Brach
6pm Sharp/Free
Features: Camincha from PerĂº/Wendy Delorme from Paris, France/Yirko Sale from LA, CA/ Carmen White from SF, CA.
Hostess Michelle Tea is baking us madelines. She says they r a most literary cooky
Look forward 2 seeing u there. 
Meantime, WRite & WRite & WRite.