Tuesday, July 15, 2008

@ writing

Hv not posted anything 4 while as got caught up  writing  couple stories. 1 just flew out my head. That's how ripe it was. However took like 5 rerwitings before I said: Ur finished. No more. I hv now submtd to a website that publshs long fiction.  Will lt u know result.

The other submitted, was published, reduced by a few words, carefully edited by our My_Story editor, lovely, great writer, Claudia. Meantime I'm writng another. Dnt know where it'll end. Soon I found out wll share info with U.

Since lst I wrote here I pub my web. At moment is in recnstrtn. Will gv u address soon as working again. Now U go write. WRite WRite WRite.

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