Friday, September 12, 2008

Rejetions. How 2 cope?

Well, having just rcvd 1 this morning I can say best way is 2 take your work, clean it up–edit it–send it out again. That's what I always done & its work very well 4 me. Do I like rejections? No. The important point is 2 keeping trying. It is work. Yes. But it is hard work that's worked very well for me. Not just in publishing my work but in every area of my life, like earning my Masters degree. And up 2 date I hv had published in English & Spanish, 129 poems, 49 short stories and several literary translations in dozens of  Lit & E-Zines publications for which I'm most honored, thankful & humble. Bottom line rejections r our stepping stones 2 publishing better & better work. Meantime WRite  WRite & then write some more.

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