Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello & all the best

to all. It's been a lng tim. Livng is vry time consumng, maintnce, answrng demands da world maks on us: Ur paymnt is due on.......My front yrd collapse, da storm just abot finishd it up. It's been time comsumng 2 rescud it. Couldnt hv don it w/out help frm da lov of my life & da mntnce man, thnk U both. Thr is lts mor, it would tak wks 2 tell all, so'll stop here.

HEALTH TIPS THAT MIGHT WORK 4 U: Evry 1 is talkng College, College, Co......Well, it's not 4 evry 1. Do urslfs a favr resrch: tech schools, busins school, blue collar school, practcl shrt courses. Also if U gd hndy woman/man, place 2x4 ads anywhr U can. Lovng, patient caretkrs r in grat demand, considr it. Now com up w/som of Ur own.

Love U wherver U r.

Next wk: Don't hv any idea. Do U?

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