Saturday, June 5, 2010

Writer' block? HEALTH TIPS THAT....... NEXT

Writer's block? Not 2 worry. Ur mind just givng U break soU go do some editng. Go submit. Yes. Submit Ur wrk 4 publicatn. It'll b a lesson 2 U. Got published? Good memory to relish. Got rejected? Lesson 2 spur U on. Make U better writer. Bottom line: Don't fear writer's block. Grab it. Welcome it. Make it work 4 U.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Gd sales @ SEPHORA. Healthy put on Ur face. Paint Urself up. Very healthy, lifts spirits. Keeps skin frm being damaged by dirt, excessive xposur 2 elemnts. Makes U feel alive. Don't U want that 4 U? Yes. Of course U do. The tools 2 that end r available from Walgreens, Target 2 Neiman Marcus & Zachs 5th Ave. This aftrnoon feel like suggestng Sephora, middle of spectrum. If nevr been, Sephora, soon U walk its rainbow-like display of cosmetics boosts Ur sprits, imagnatn & ckbk. ENJOY. Send me photo.

NEXT: go 2 & ENJOY--can U stnd anymr?--my latst entries. c on Collection of stories &......... read THE HITCHHIKER, FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES, KITCHEN. ENJOY. Again?

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