Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writer gives U a gift: SUMMER BEAUTY. HEALTH TIPS......

Writer mst thnkfl, woke up 2 my new poem online @ My_Story_Lives & I say 2 publshr, Ur graphics hv made it a vision of beauty that I will always enjoy. Thnk U, Claudia.


all a woman needs is a touch

of the sun on her cheeks to

make them rosy.

On a beautiful summer day

all she needs is the breeze

caressing her hair to create

tendrils that fall over her

forehead on the side of her face

and emphasize her cheekbones.

On a beautiful summer day

all she needs is the chicness of

her own fashion to create the

magic that spreads all over her

lover's life. Changes him makes

him ready for the night.

When the night comes in full moon’s

rays in silver cloak wrapped in musical

notes high in crescendo low in

prelude they dance and twirl and bend

and turn and oh! the pleasure under

the full moon its rays penetrating them

following them chasing them shining on

them one minute the next hiding them till

morning is come in a beautiful summer day.

Camincha lives in Pacifica California. The San Francisco Bay Guardian, says: “Camincha frames the ordinary in a way that makes it extraordinary, and that is real talent.”

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Soccer. Final days, keeps my heart pumping.

Spain, World Champion? Of course.

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