Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have been w/o a computer 4 few days. Changed 2 a laptap, so can take it 2 the shop 4 121 classes, repairs. The 17" desk top got too heavy. Now hv 2 adjust 2 many changes. Meantime, regards "pain killers" suggested by Dc. I called, Kaiser's Customer Support lady listen, really listen. To my delight nxt day, got appt with orthopedic. Date not convenient! We did agree on 1 later in the month. This time it was worth it speaking up. 2 b cont.
Daydreaming, planning, conniving about SELLING my short fiction. 2 b cont.
And what else? Hv 2 get organize, write an ad 2 sell my desk top. The mamoth scale I bought last year, & never use. LOL. Found out the little scale had been accurate!!

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