Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better late than........ Not posted 4 while 'cause......

Better late than.........
Here my thnks Us 2 librarian extraordinaire, Gaile Benjamin, who gave birth to LITWAVE. The segment I was invited to participate in@ the Grape in the Fog, 4-6p april 28, was a complete success thanks to all who stopped  to listen to us Ann Booth, Tom & Joan, Tim & me, Camincha. 
Thnk U  Thnk U   Thnk U       FB

Not posted 4 a while 'cause life takes over, & many chores & obligations & yes, some fun activities like dancing, short walks, have 2 b satisfied. For now want 2 say, all is well, & will fill u in SAP.
humming birds & blue skies 2 U, &  U & U.

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