Saturday, March 16, 2013

U answered to, Who should b the nxt Pope?

& am very thankful 4 Ur e-mls, from, Who cares? 2 my darling Tony who proposed me 2 b the nxt Popepess! I hd suggstd a woman. And not like other Popes, a flower in a hothouse amid unlimited luxury. But that should b hands on, ready 2 share the riches of the organization with the needy, like carrying a pot of beans & rice, aj√≠ on the side, to hungry children whose parents hv lost their jobs & r afraid 2 go job hunting ‘cause ICE lurks in the shadows. Oh, & she must b an expert with AppleMac computers &, yes carry a laptop every where. So she can really b “in touch with the people.” 
Best wishes 2 all,

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