Sunday, October 12, 2008

Litquake Crawl last night,

foremost the event @ The Dark Room where I participated with other great authors was most fun, truly a complete success. Scott & Jon, who through the year have worked so hard to make it happen, Litquake events in general & especially Litquake Crawl have my thanks &  admiration 4 putting it all together.  Afterwards my friends & I went walking 'round The Mission area mostly along Valencia St & it was most animated being as there were readings going on everywhere, book stores, restaurants, bars, in one alley, that had been decorated in a bright, festive fashion very inviting. & there were also street vendors adding 2 the celebration of The Word. One most enterprising guy on a sidewalk advertised himself as the person that 4 a donation would write a poem 4 u. To my delight he was writing not on a laptop. No. He had sitting on his lap a tiny typewriter on which he was already typing a poem 4 a customer. And that is San Francisco! The Bella by The Bay!!!!!!! Till nxt yr Litquake, thnk U 4 the memories.
& 2 u all I say WRite WRite & write some more.

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