Friday, August 14, 2009

Thinkng of U!

Just wnt 2 giv U somethng dat will gt U out of Ur doldrums=stagnation, inactivity, slump.
So here it is, this 1 is at Nordstroms:

plus Sophora & Macys r also offerng grat spcls + FREE shipping w/ovr $50. ordrs & in som cases w/$25. ordrs. & ths is 4 U gentle men also. Go ck out wht thr is while it lsts. So UP, UP, UP. Brush Ur teeth, comb Ur hair, put on Ur stilettos. & dats it. Don't need anythng else & take advntge of ths great offers & U will feel sexy, seductive, beautiful, energized all over again.

Nasturtiums & bright sunsets 2 U.

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