Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writer reading. HEALTH TIPS.... Sale Nordstrom. NEXT

Writer hs been readng: El cojo y el loco/The Cripple and the Mad Man by Jaime Bayly, Peruvian. Read in Spa & though admire his style, always, as in No se lo digas a nadie & Los últimos días de La Prensa, I didn't like The Cripple....... 'cause what gives us in the grossest of grossest vocablry I hv ever read, it loses in feelng, smell, color & flavor. But, who knows, did I just sell it 2 U? Let me know.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 b mor strict. 2 weight myslf often, aftr I wore dress hdnt worn in a while & mirror showd me a sack of potatoes. Recomnd, weigh oftn. Thn whn He, She says, U look beautfl U can belv Him, Her.

Frequently Asked Questions - Nordstrom

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NEXT: I'll tell U abot bk I loved.

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