Friday, April 22, 2016

Better late than never.

To Raj Pattel:
Several weeks ago U touched on “More Food for the World.” Just now I find time 2 gv U my mini thought on subject.

Yes. Necessary in many countries. Not in the USA. This country has plenty to feed everyone. What we need here is thoughtful, humane, practical management of our supplies.  Tons of food are thrown away every day by individuals, restaurants, hospitals, air lines, supermarkets where a manager told me they won’t let anyone hv their left overs because once a person who received them became ill and sue the company.  It can happen. So lawyers, managers have to get together and study the situation. It would be well worthy it.  Just look at the nightmare we have with garbage right now. Meantime the number of homeless, hungry keeps growing. Let’s try better management of our supplies. 

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