Saturday, May 21, 2016

As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By, a historical-romantic novel accurately portrays the sights and sounds of the streets of San Francisco and suburbs, just beginning to be created, like Paradise, provide them with a stage. Then Mimi and Etienne become much more than characters as they weep with the fog, smile with the sunshine and flavor their lives with the salty spray of the ocean. They become us, living yesterday, today, always.
As Time Goes By, a historical-romantic novel for which unnamed number of hours were spent researching brand names. Prices, of houses, cars, furniture. Of streets, public transportation, and how their routes and their looks have changed with time. As the couple settles in, as the baby grows. Salaries. Lay offs. What was that? Not pleasant. Do you really want to know? Bitter, scary. The way it ruined their lives. The cost of starting over each time.
As Time Goes By, a historical-romantic novel in which their story unfolds––filled with erotic connotations, surprises, and traumas––Mimi and Etienne try to fit in and cope in their foreign environment. They also learn to survive troubles of the body and soul, the passions of the heart, love and betrayals in their marriage, the pain of doubts and disappointments. The fulfillment and peace of mind of making up.
Let’s meet them……….
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