Sunday, April 10, 2011

THE DIET. FICTION. 1st installment.


…we who diet have a never ceasing obligation to those who starve–Robert Kennedy

Saturday May 24

7lbs to trash/destroy/burn

These thoughts are depressing. Need to sort it all out: Started during those fabulous parties between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Lose three pounds, gain them back faster each time. One good evening meal. Nest morning they were laughing at me from the floor scale. And too much bread. Too many sweets to compensate for arrogant, autocratic teachers who drove me bananas. Stress from working to earn my MA in Spanish literature working as TA, as interpreter-translator. Not finding suitable roommates, I overate. Compensating for the uninteresting men I meet. Breaking up with Larry. I overate. But vacation is here now.

Nine in the morning! I dozed off. Rested now and hungry. Close my eyes and dream of ggs over easy, fried sausages, pancakes, café au lait.

I sit in my kitchen eating 4 tbs bran, 1 cup nonfat, ½ a banana. Warmed milk to the boiling point. In the mornings in Pacifica the warmer the better. Mixed it. Chewed it slowly counting to thirty-seven with each mouthful. Learned it from Giorgo who was into Tai Chi and told me, One thing you learn from practicing that ancient Oriental philosophy, for good digestion chew very slowly.

We had fun practicing at dinner, then I found out he practiced his Oriental philosophy while making love also. Always something, drives me to overeating.

What a crisis. Will our newly found heroine meet her goal. Tomorrow is Sunday, DANGER!

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camincha said...

David Hirzel says after reading THE DIET’s 1st installment: Voluptuous indeed. Works for me.

Camincha says: Thanks 4 taking the time. Really appreciate a short & 2 the point message, full of meaning. Hmmmmm