Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WRTR's HEAVEN. PERú's Indians in Amazonía.

Ths wrtr is in heavn 4 in 1 wk hd 5 pieces acptd 4 publctn. & my heavn is pavd w/my THNK U, my feelngs of being honord & mst gratful. Will shar w/U webs adreses etc in cple dys.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 wrt about wht bothrs me. I wrot abot da plight of widows in Afghanistan in an open letter to Pre Obama. Now is abot Indians of Northern Amazonía of Perú fightng 2 keep da gvrnmnt frm takng thr land. & am sorry 2 say Pre Alan García called da thm, primitive, ignorant & sent th Army fully armed, + helicoptrs 2 fight thm whn th Indians were marching in protest holding sticks & stones. Well, Pre García won't U at least listen & c how bst 2 reach midle grnd betwn wht U call progrs––diging 4 oil & othr riches in the citizen's land sold 2 foreign intrsts––& da people's concrn about bcomng homles, indigent? Sir, I pray U do. Won't U pls?

Love U wherevr U r
Nxt: mayb/prhps

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