Saturday, April 11, 2009

The latest grp

of chrctrs livng in my head keep tlkng 2 me!!! They r th ons from Remnants/Retazos, collectn of ...shrt shrt stors, snapshts, vignts. I tell thm, I'm wrtng about U. 
Go on, finish, thy say. 
I will, I say. Jst need 2 tak cr of  som submsns, som odds & ends. & 1 of ths dys U'll b all done & publshd. & U know som of Remnants hv been publshd. & tht is gd. B happy w/me. We r togthr in this. & keep tlkng 2 me. I like that. I like U. 

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: B5 is doing grt 4 my hair, skin. My hnds really sho th bnfts. Is sold @ health fd strs. Coms in dif dosis strtng @ 100. Is water soluble. Inxpnsv compard 2 othr suplmnts. Resrch bfr buyng. I repeat: Resrch bfr buying. U might nt need it. 

WRite WRite & then some more.
Love U wherever U r
Next: sun bathing.


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