Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes. But hvn't cofd wrtng 4 cople dys 'cause wrk that pays rnt etc got vry demndng & also lts & lts of lng awtng errands. But wll get bck 2 wrtng soon 'cause I LV  IT!!!!!!

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 hld papr 2 nose & mouth: tissue, npkns &/or toilet papr so whn sneeze, cof  germs dn't sprd. Flush germ-carying-papr dwn toilt SAP. & mks NO sense cofng on clothng. On sleeves? &  passing  thm on? Passng thm 2 cowrkrs, fellw bus, BART pasngrs, boyfriend, fmly, frnds whn we rub shldrs, hug, bump into strngrs. & clothng full of grms if placd in clost, drwrs, landry bskt, prbably, covrd in drkns, dedikt thmslvs 2 hvng bbs & prduce mllns mor grms! Use papr. 

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Next: dn't know wht I'll cof, yet.


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