Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Writing & Take-out on vry vry low budget.

Some time ago I shared w/u my problem w/publisher of my bk, AS TIME GOES BY, '05: not paying my royalties. After trying ovr & ovr finally got reluctant attention of a Customer Relations officer who ans my emails & calls. Well, after some 5 months we hv come full circle 2 where started. Bottom line, at pte: no payment. Hv 2 think of, what nxt?

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Take-outs. My research showed,  saves u money, time, energy vs. cooking at home= less stress, more rlxd leisure time. Deduct shopping time, prep of ingredients, cooking time, cleaning bef & after. Look 4 inxpnsv, family run rstrnts near U.  I alternate at least among Latin, Japanese, Italian, Greek. U'll b pleasantly surprised, at quality, taste, price. Works also when U invite girlfriend or boyfriend. Come dinner time U r not tired. U just want 2 enjoy &........Worth trying!!!!!

WRite WRite & write some more.

Love U wherever U r.
Nxt: Excercise 4 strong legs. Won't b able 2 b w/U tomorrow. Wed work full dy. Will try Fri.


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