Saturday, March 21, 2009

So much 2 say, such little time

so just couple lines. Last th eve had my Writer's Group in my living rm. Great session. This fun Sicilian-descend writes about cooking interlaced w/family story. Fun. Fun.  Lovely woman has idea writing about The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco that dates 2 at least a C ago. But hasn't written a word yet. Just talks about writing. We look forward to reading about it. We heard more from another participant, he's been writing an intriguing story about an Artantica expedition 2 Cs ago. Great story. 1 other great wrter read couple paragraphs about couple immigrants from India, family w/2 children in SFBA & their hope, well, the father's, 2 go back to his home country. Ex writing. & I read a pg from AS TIME GOES BY. & looking forward 2 nxt session. Will keep U posted.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Get up & dance. Gd 4 circulation. Gd 4 the heart.
WRite WRite & then some more.
Love U wherever U r.
Nxt time: cosmetics that wrk 4 all, men & wmn, cats & dgs. 

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