Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Raven & I.

Our relationship goes bck 2  '02 when submtd my trnsltn 2 Spanish of Laura Stortoni's poem, AN ANGRY REQUIEM. It was accepted 4 publction, @ an undetermined date. When any wrk of mine is accepted I, respectfully query regularly re. status. I don't let them forget me. However if piece is rejected I respect decision & wrk submtng elsewher.  The Raven's publishr/mngr, Phoebe Bosché, kindly kept me posted. A friendly rlatnshp was born. My trnsltn was pub '05, The Raven Chronicles vol. 11, No.3   Speaking In Tongues.  Vry few mgzns pub trnsltns so I sub again 2 Raven, it was  '06. Sent my trnsltns 2 English of  4 poems of Peruvian César Vallejo. There must b some magic 2 the #3 'cause 1 of my trnsltns is coming out in '09 Vol. 14, #2!!! 
HEALTH TIP THAT WORKS 4 ME: 'Cause all metabolisms r nt created equal if something wrks 4 u, then is gd...4 u. Never mind it doesn't wrk 4 anyone else. Ex: Yrs ago people were told egg yolkes, NOT GD. Friends were throwing them down drain. Now, we r told they r gd. Same w/wine, NOT GD. GD. Tofu GD. Now NOT GD. Coffee NOT GD. Now  GD, serves 2 screen sun rays that damage skin. Well, I nevr threw away egg yolkes, 'cause couldn't afford 2.  & never believe any of it. Love coffee, grew up drinking café con leche. Love the sun. 2 get negrita every summer lying on the beach. Love it! It sustains me in cold, gray winter dys. Re: something wrks 4 u, then is gd...4 u.
WRite WRite & then write some more. 
 Love U wherever U r.

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