Friday, March 13, 2009

Writers. & exrcise 4 strong legs.

Had a great eve last night. With friends went 2 Books Inc in San Francisco 2 listen 2 Daniel Bergner. Will gv U details soon. 'Cause now got too late. &  just want 2 keep promise,

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: After trying many dif exrcises, this is working. Whenever possible, especially around the house standing, walking, I pick up r. leg & press it backwards against upper part. Then l. leg, same thing. Over & over.  Several times a day. If  I'm out working, doing errands, when go to bathrm, or corridors r empty . Try it. Where? nt important. Also when sitting work legs like am on bycicle. Important! do it evry day. Let me know, does it work r U? Besides gd 4 legs, will flatten ur stomach. What a bonus!!!!!

Meantime WRite WRite & then some.

Love U wherever U r,
Nxt time:  My friends & Daniel Bergner.

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