Friday, March 6, 2009

Glad 2 b back!

Life took over & had 2 take care of many, many issues, like getting 4 thr 1st time in 10 yrs, the flu & twisting my right ankle. It was beyond painful!  But, gd news dpto: 1) my short story, Crossing Over, was rejected by one editor & after I worked on it & fitted it 2 the liking of another  I'm familiar with, it was accepted & most important, PUBLISHED, on line already. 2) had 4 erotic poems accepted but don't know when they'll b on line as had trouble getting on the site! 3) hd another short story accepted  & editor will let me know when it'll go on line. So I'm thankful, humble, honored. & must say it was worth all the 3 hundred million hours it took me 2 get it all 2 this point.  Like I've said takes PERSEVERANCE & HARD WORK 2 write & write & get published.  & of course continue writing, editing, all immensely time consuming. Also keeping my files in order. Not easy, 'cause hv bcome enormous. Also 'cause lately trying 2 make it a more efficient system, managed 2 get  so mixed up, took forever 2 sort it all out.
HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Found out  massaging the ankle, taking naps daily, as needed. Plus adding B5, cod liver oil, vit C, besides the One a Day, B 12, & Brain Pep I was taking already, daily, & eating more cooked veg & fruits helped to heal me from flu & ankle. Cooked veg & fruits? Yes. Otherwise hv enormous problems digesting them. Every one is different! Must say it didn't happen overnight, it took several weeks.
Meantime ck my & buy my books. Is a sweet deal, I pay txs & postage.  WRite Write write write & then write some more.


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