Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, da readng hapnd. But is 2 soon 2 tok abot it. Hv 2 dgst it 1st.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: A nvl dat tels me abot urbn livng––I lv cities––its peple, thr joys & sorws & on top of all dat it mks me laugh. & dat is PUDOR[prudeness] by da peruvian Santiago Roncaglolio. I recomnd it 4 older teens & adults, sx, tears, pain, lv.  Howevr my frnd redng ovr my sholdr, as usual, tells me, Dn't thnk is in englsh trans yet. Well, I say pls google it & lt me know. Rgrdles is grt, da fmly he wrts abot––3 gnrtns in 1 house r adrbly crtfd crazy, U'll lv thm, & da cat!!! Da cat is crazy 2. 

Enjoyable, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avble frm camincha@comcast.net
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Love U wherver U r
Nxt: How abot rcomnd mor bks in spansh??????????

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