Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rcomndng 2 WRTRS & READRS:   shortpoem.org      A Lit Web with a readrshp tht CARES. Actuly reads ur work & tak th time 2 post feedbck.   Ck it out. I say: CK it OUT. U'll lv it.

HEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: Works for me, B5/pantothenic acid. Since strtd takn my har is mor abndnt, hs mr body. My skn also is silkr, less lins, Or is it my imagntn? Or r my eyes......?
Resrch it. Ck Internet. Talk 2 frndly clkr @ Health Food Store. Resrch 2 c if it's 4 U. It sure is 4 me.

Thorly enjoyble, my chapbks & novel AS TIME GOES BY avble frm camincha@comcast.net
WRite  WRite & then some more
Love U whereve U r
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