Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ths morng ed got my bio of César  Vallejo whch I snd in mrch & hd been msplcd in e-m lnd. Ths lovly, ddicatd wmn will excerpt it 2 fit spce & I'll lt U knw publctn date of ex mag, the Raven Chronicles vol 14 #2.

Clinique BonusHEALTH TIPS THAT WORK 4 ME: 2 use Clinique, of cours. As in, alergs? Clinique wll cure thm. Raf spts? Clinique wll softn thm. Jst look @ da sxys, lovlie's usng it. I been watchng, U glow. U exude charm, Ur secur in urselfs, thrfor mor polite,  smil mor, walk strait, nt afrad of eye contct. Ur beautful. Yes.  Sxy. Yes. & smrt, U pd only $25  nt $65  fr a lovly, elgnt, re-usble zip-up-bag of da mst coveted full size, fashnabl, delicios un-scentd cosmtics in the world. U cn b prod of urselfs.
& U my handsm, elgnt, sxy men takng advntg of ths offer! I applad U. Yes,  4 gfts 2 dazle da wmn in Ur lif. Also urslfs, usng Clinique moistrzng, da crem stck. & shrng it all w/Ur wmn. Hw smrt! Yes. I'm payng att. 
Besds, notcd my sxy, beautfl men & womn, Ur also usng Clinique Redness Solutions. No wndr.
U look, sxyr, lovlr thn evr.

& so r my chapbks & novl AS TIME GOES BY avlble frm  camincha@comcast.net
Love U wherever U r
Nxt: Is thr anythng else? Mor abot Clinique, of cors.

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